Stock Trading: Explained: A Detailed Yet Simple to Understand Guide on How to Make Money in the Stock Market, Including Options Trading. (Audio Download): Maxwell A. Blackmore, Peter Hampton, Maxwell A. Blackmore: Audible Audiobooks –

Would you like to become a trader and make money online just by sitting at your computer This is not the average guide that promises you millions of dollars in return just by doing nothing Let s be honest, there isn t a way to do that Having said that, I will teach you everything I know on how to create a successful business by trading stocks and options You don t need to be making huge amounts of money to be happy Even those dollars each month can make the difference Follow all the steps and write down all the information in this guide and rest assured you will see great progress in a short amount of time As with most ways to make money, especially online, you will need a starting point The good thing about trading is that there is a vast choice of stocks and options, therefore any budget can work Imagine investingdollars and having returns, just after a couple of weeks, of percent In this audiobook we will Introduce you to the world of the Stock Market, explaining how it works in general and how successful investors make money Thereafter, we will teach you what options trading is and the best techniques and methods to make it your successful business Thanks to this audiobook you will learn A little background on how the stock market was at the beginning and what it is now To understand what a stock is and what it s worth How to follow defined patterns and predict if a stock is going to fall or rise To keep your mind focused The best traders are those that do not follow emotions, even when they don t win To explore the amazing world of trading The choice on how much money you make is yours, and everyone who says otherwise is either trying to sell you something or is dumb Start investing low amounts of money at the beginning, learn the craft, and make mistakes Once you perfect your strategy and understand how patterns work, go ahead and invest Follow these steps, and making money online will have never been easier