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You are about to learn how to start making passive income from home using proven strategies presented the easy way We all wish could add some extra dollars to our bank balances Think about it an extra or even can make the difference between damaging your credit score and having a good credit score thanks to your ability to pay credit card payments on time This money, accumulated and compounded over several years can make the difference between qualifying for a mortgage or not It can make the difference between having enough money to go for vacation comfortably or not The question is how do you make money when you don t have such a massive amount of money to invest Are there low cost investment opportunities that yield good returns on investment Are there investment opportunities vehicles that you can use to propel your journey to financial freedom without working yourself to crazy,hours a week or The short answer is yes And this audiobook will help you to know exactly what you need to do to build a passive income portfolio that s able to generate full time income for you In it, you will discover The difference between investing and saving money as well as why saving will not make you achieve financial freedom so that you appreciate why you should save What investment options exist out there How much different investment options may require in the beginning to get started The place of brokers in the investing world as well as how to find a broker How to study, analyze, and interpret financial reports like a pro so that you can make informed investment decisions in stocks, bonds, options, futures, and the likes How stocks and bonds are traded in the primary and secondary markets, including how exactly to invest in the different markets using different strategies How to analyze various investment opportunities seriously before you spend your money Get this audiobook now to get started