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Beyond Good and Evil Beyond Ever AftersThe fairy tale of Sophie and Agatha comes to a dramatic conclusion in this sixth and final book of Soman Chainanis bestselling fantasy seriesWho will sit on Camelots throne and rule the Endless Woods Who will be the One True King Prepare yourself for the End of Ends

8 thoughts on “One True King (The School for Good and Evil, Book 6)

  1. Customer Customer says:

    I have read this series the whole way through and I couldn t wait for this book to come out There will be spoilers The story was brilliant for the first 50%, with plenty of plot twists and for once a wonderful dialogue between Sophie and Agatha The witches were brilliant, as were the rest of the squad and the girls, but then there was Tedros Ugh He was even of the stereotypical blonde, muscular Prince Charming than usual, which was fine because Agatha was there to do everything better than him and there was no misogyny for a while until Agatha, surprise surprise, wins one of his princely challenges instead of him and from then on he treats her like a traditional, submissive princess and boy, does she act like one Sophie falls for stupid Hort suddenly, what the hell, and loads of characters just pointlessly and suddenly die with no notice and hardly anyone even acknowledges them I get some characters have to go, but really, it should at least be for a reason Then, what begins to look like actually a good, plot twisty ending backfires and becomes the fairytale wedding happily ever after finish that I almost expected but thought that surely, due to the quality and twists in the previous books, the author would have another trick up his sleeve Nope If you are reading it I would highly suggest reading the first 90% and then just blissfully imagining what the ending should be In summary, I think that Tedros is an unworthy king and a borimg character, and this book made it less about Sophie and Agatha and about him Both the girls end up in boring romantic happy endings with dull boys when I always felt they should have bigger destinies.

  2. Eleanor K Eleanor K says:

    This is by far the best book in the series The complicated history of Rhian and Japeth is mind wowing reavealing the true king and Arthurs secrets There were so many places were I was chewing my lip and clenching my fists in exitment sadness and anger Sophie finds out her true love and changes complety Like all the other books it is written in different perspectives including the storians This book was just amazing I aspire to be an actor one day and I hope they do an amazing job of the movies I am wishing for a 7 book though I LOVE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL Maddie age 10 soon to be 11

  3. More books More books says:

    I adored reading this book as i have been addicted to the series for quite a while but this gave me mixed emotions the ending wasnt as uplifting and pleasant as i hoped it would be after reading i felt annoyed i had been anxiously waiting for the series to end since the first book and it just didnt fullfil my need for this universe.the book was wonderful overall i just personally disliked the ending 3

  4. Customer Customer says:

    This is my favourite book series in the world So much can be said about it, and that s what makes in so interesting The countless plot twists, humour and gripping storyline really make this an amazing series So you can keep your Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, because I love and will always love the School For Good And Evil.

  5. Nicola H. Nicola H. says:

    Nice book

  6. Loisa Hayward Loisa Hayward says:

    Couldn t put this or the rest of the series down Spent too many late nights page turning to get to the next chapter, and the next one, and the next one Will not dissapoint

  7. MR AJ Lai MR AJ Lai says:

    There were so many plot twists and I found myself immersed in the story I especially loved Sophie s development and it is the perfect way to end a perfect story

  8. Gail J Palmer Gail J Palmer says:

    My daughter devours these books TV and iPad were all forgotten about until she turned the last page More please