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Are you looking for a consistent passive income Have you already tried to invest in stock market but you just came across scams Do you want to make your savings yield but can t find the right index funds Aren t you able of getting the best out of your investingProbably investing in the stock market is the best way to generate a fruitful passive income, but if you are not a professional stockbroker, detecting the right information to trust and dig up the best deal to invest your money may seem really challenging Listening the wrong advice can be fatal and for this reason, you must have a reliable guide to make informed investment decisions Experiencing this world without the right tools is like jumping out of a plan without a parachute You need to build up a safe trading strategy, set your goal, and develop a good risk management You must learn how to make a technical analysis and read by the index the daily return of the market We want to show you how to deal with stock market psychology, developing the right mindset, and avoiding the most common mistakes In this guide, you will learn What is stock market How to draw up a trading strategy how to invest how to make money in stock market how to keep a cool head while investing This is a survival kit for stock market investors Thanks to the simple step by step rules illustrated in this book, you will be able to rule the great world of tradingDo you needDo you think that reading listening to a simple book won t be the solution to your problemsDon t worry about that I took care of this, tooIn fact, this guide is provided of many concrete examples to train you to put into practice every skill you will acquire Here you are our tools Now you need your moveGet your copy by clicking the buy button