{books} Forex Trading: 10 Secrets to Rule in the Most Liquid Market in the World Dodging the Traps of Pros; How to Wisely Make a Trading Plan, Catch the Right News for the Best InvestmentAuthor Andrew Anderson – Schematicwiringdiagram.co

Are you trying to explore the world of swing trading, but you lose money every time you deal with it Do you think you have understood how it works but despite your efforts, you can t get results Financial advisors don t give you the income they promisedWell, there s nothing weird about thatIf you think that giving crooked advice about investments is unfair, welcome to the club, but that s not the point Would you ride a motorcycle without an helmet, or worse, without a driving license If you are trying to trade online without a guide and strategy, you are financially suiciding You need to study what you are investing on and learn a right technical strategy You can t base your knowledge on old finance books any Market is changing, and so are its rules Once you will have found out them, you will be able to make a fortune with Forex You need to learn how to analyze data and plan your investments, keeping a cool head when you lose, not funding your choices on emotions You have to choose wisely financial advisors you can profit on and learn the tools to dodge the traps of pros and the frauds of fund managers blowing up their fees I want to show you the attitudes that prevent you from becoming a ruler in Forex trading My aim is to bring you from the bottom to the top of information and tools you need to be a real investor In this guide, you will learn what is Forex and how it works which are the best strategies in Forex trading how to choose your broker the most common mistakes in Forex trading and how to avoid them how to make an effective trading plan how to dodge the traps of pros how to make a correct data analysis which is the right psychology in Forex trading and how to divide investments from emotions Thanks to the simple rules illustrated in this guide, you will able to get the best out of your investments and stop wasting your money This book will teach you the tools to detect the right advice and bring the wrong ones on your behalfI know what you are thinking OK, but a mere book won t give me the right capability to become a pro in trading Don t worry about thatThis is a step by step guide that will provide you practical examples and exercises The self evaluation section will help you to monitor your progress and check what you have learnt Well, these are the tools you needed, the only step missing is your actionWhat are you waiting for Click the buy button now