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The dictionary reimagined Designed to help children write brilliant stories, excel at school and in life The world s only Hollywood illustrated storyteller s dictionary is the most up to date and comprehensive dictionary for budding storytellers everywhere Agesstorytelling words curated around six themes Character, Settings, Taste and Smell, Action, Emotion and Weather Packed withHollywood illustrations laid out acrossstorytelling topics

9 thoughts on “Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary (US Edition)

  1. SSylwia SSylwia says:

    I am very lucky that my children love reading books and story telling My partner found out about these books on one of the parent platforms and after reading we bought one book for my daughter to help her with her writing and story telling and one for my son to help him with his speech and vocabulary.The quality of the paper, pages and size of each book, colours, illustrations, fonts and the way everything is put together is just brilliant I enjoyed reading through these books and the time I spend with them, the my confidence in the right buy grows I truly believe that each of the books will be a great present from Santa and my kids will love it More to it I will buy books from this author to help my kids build up their library, vocabulary, imagination and skills.I hope you will like my review, if you found it useful please hit Helpful it will make my day XX

  2. JP JP says:

    My little boy finds some of the word work he does at school a little dull Books like this that that can bring words to life are excellent We have all really enjoyed having it around.

  3. Toots Ansell Toots Ansell says:

    My niece loves it She is vey into writing and reading so this was the perfect gift Definitely recommend for kids 7

  4. K S K S says:

    I think this is a great resource however the images just spoiled it for kids Did anyone find that some illustrations inappropriate for kids the word gawk has a dog staring at a bird in laced up heels Its just a bit odd My friend also used this book in her class and had to cover up some illustrations because the children pointed out they were rude.

  5. Zvezda Zvezda says:

    Recommended in a teaching English course I went on Lovely book but quite flimsy, not sure how long it will last.

  6. fangal fangal says:

    Gives children a headstart

  7. M Spreadborough M Spreadborough says:

    A great way to increase kids vocabulary easy to use with themed pages Absolutely love it.

  8. Su Su says:

    good book

  9. marzieh oghabian marzieh oghabian says: