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This book encapsulates me in the opening chapters and what happen to the author as a young teenager is similar to what happened to me I don t want to talk about it because its too painful for me as I was hidden away from the Irish community for been an illegitimate child born to a single parent It was difficult and later on I joined tge HM Forces I will say that the army saved me and gave me another chance at life, abd the rest is amazing brilliant journey But going back to this book I throughly enjoyed it and I will definitely be rereading it slowly with using a mind map methods to enforce my learning from her coaching mentoring advice at each chapters.Thank you once again and may your book continue to be a great success.Best Sean Couldn t put it down Straight talking, action taking, manifesting marvellousness Super enjoyable easy reading book to help you JFDI One of my favourite self help books I ve read in a long while. Cannot put this book down Having met the author in person, I can hear her speaking every word This not just another self help book This is a game changer Love, Love, Love this book Omg So I m a big law of attraction fan an I ve read many books that I always try an implement in my life but somewhere along the line I seem to get lost or lose focus but I have Defo connected to this one First time I ve even heard of Noor an she has had me gripped from the first page, she keeps it real an is written in a really current way which also makes it feel personal She has really inspired me and made me really think about what the heck I ve been doing all this time Constantly ordering off and this is the first review I ve written which says a lot, can t recommend enough Love this book This is the first personal development book I have been able to read from cover to cover my daughter of 17 also read it without the mobile phone locked to her hand which is a miracle in itself I found the book excellent and hated putting it down The steps are achievable and easy to follow Though I am going to read the book again at a slower pace and really put in the work to transform somethings in my life The book really makes sense Make the start to having a better life.READ THE BOOK and put it into practice. If you re stuck and need a kick up the arse, buy this book If you drink alcohol, there is nothing better than reading this with a glass of bubbly and a notepad, if you don t drink, grab a coffee or hot chocolate and settle in, it s an awesome hug and high five in a book Just finished it and I feel like I could take on the world, nice one Noor. Purchased this for my wife who loves it This is her reviewI truly believe that our intentions and thoughts create reality, our energy is power and it s only when we go on our internal travel to uncover what thoughts and feeling are driving us do we realize that is what keeps us prisoners I am very happy that my husband bought me a book which mixes psychological knowledge with spiritual journey as it is the only journey that really matters in life The language is clear and funny, that makes it easier to read and understand and the content is rich and deep Is this the best way to transmit knowledge Then in order to remember that as God we can create the life we want we need to go through a journey of self discovery how can we illuminate our lives if we don t know our shadows This book can help set your path to illuminate your life. I ve read so many great books on LOA, manifesting and I know it works but this book is a cut above All the practical deep spiritual aspects that you must understand, the energy work that you ve got to do to make it happen and the real understanding of your subconscious and what you need to get cleared up to really create your dream life are outlined and covered in depth here Noor s writing style is brilliant and she makes the journey fun You definitely MUST read this book if you re looking to take your life to the next level This book is like the 3rd Millennium version of Think And Grow Rich and when you read it and take the necessary actions you will absolutely light up your life, have a great time doing it and intentionally create the reality you re wanting to live in. Stop thinking small Just put yourself out there, aim for the sky and JFDI Just F king Do It will take you on a mind altering journey of self discovery and personal transformation using an approach which combines psychological rigour with spiritual power helping you to become the best version of yourself and create a life of happiness and abundance True personal development can be achieved only through changing how we think and the way we interact with the world around us This audiobook will demonstrate that alongside purposeful and practical steps to improve our lives, we have the power to multiply our success and happinesstimes over by accessing the universal energy force that is available to each and every one of us Just F king Do It describes a system that works and shines a light on a path to results which are phenomenal Whatever obstacles are in your path, this audiobook will show you how to stop thinking small, make those positive changes and live the life you deserve I ve followed Noor for a while on socials, and loved her challenges and training yes, she s a bit sweary, but all the best people are This book will literally shake your life from the ground up, examining all the things that aren t working and how you can uplevel to a whole new world of success.If you re sick of playing small, being less than the superstar you know you can be this is the book for you Perfect for busy people who need short, sharp, focussed actions that work Buy this book.