epub Forex - Guide to Trading for Beginners: Collection of Two Books: Book 1 - “Forex”, Book 2 - “Guide to Trading for Beginners”: The Indispensable Tricks to Making Money from Day Trading, and Forex Trading (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Graziano Borleri, Christopher C. Odom, Graziano Borleri: Audible Audiobooks – Schematicwiringdiagram.co

First audiobook Forex This audiobook and its series make up the most complete guide dedicated to the world of Forex and online trading It a useful audiobook for those who are starting but also very useful to those who have already started but cannot find the solution to losses The trader needs a good training in two aspects The technical one, which, in my opinion, countspercent and where it is not difficult to find information and strategies of all kinds The psychological one,percent, where information is lacking, and this audiobook and its series want to fill this lacking area All the technical preparation is in fact completely useless without the right psychological preparation After listening to this audiobook, you will be able to analyze the trading from the point of view of a professional, you will have acquired the skills to better manage the money dedicated to trading, and if before this listening you opened many operations, after this study, respecting the rules, you will select only the best operations useful for your earnings Second audiobook Guide to Trading for Beginners This audiobook was designed in such a way as to make listening as simple and clear as possible, without taking anything for granted, since we are talking about a subject that is far from clear and simple It is not an audiobook that wastes time talking or digressing on or less nuanced topics without taking a precise direction If you are looking for a concrete and practical approach and a thorough understanding of how important the thinking structure is in the results of trading, this is the audiobook for you To what extent can data and assessments of a technical nature in the markets be valid How come the strategies that are in circulation often have conflicting outcomes and results How do big investors work What are the real dynamics that move prices in various markets Technical analysis is not an exact science, although many people try to find the magic formula that identifies the right trend The foreign exchange market, or currency market, called Forex, is the most liquid market in the world In Forex Trading, buying a currency, speculation is made downward on the other money, so it is possible to operate without any problem in the form of short selling It is a liquid market, where there is always a counterpart, it is an environment where prices can also be very volatile, trading in this market can be difficult and very risky for the trader who does not have the right skills and right information Those who think of easy money are very wrong, and they are likely to have to regret bitterly I recommend this guide Thanks I love this book.A great informative book providing some proven approach Recommended This is a very useful and informative book.It a useful book for those who are starting but also very useful to those who have already started but can not find the solution to losses.I hope you must find this book useful.