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A Financial Times Summer Book ofThe addictive stories of four incredible women who did things their own way and rewrote the code of a whole industry Emerald StreetDescribed as the book that the world needs right now Adam Fisher, author of Valley of Genius , Alpha Girls is perfect for fans of Hidden Figures, Lean In and The Social NetworkSilicon Valley has long been at the forefront of innovation, but it is renowned for its archaic sexist culture Alpha Girls is the unforgettable story how a group of talented women achieved success in a tech world run by bro grammers through sheer grit and determination Despite the instrumental role they played in building some of the foremost companies of our time, these women have been written out of history until now In Alpha Girls, award winning writer Julian Guthrie reveals their untold stories Magdalena Yesil who arrived in America from Turkey withto her name and would go on to help Marc Benioff build Salesforce Mary Jane El one of the first women in the United States to make partner at a venture capital firm Theresia Gouw, who helped land and build companies including Facebook, Trulia, Imperva and ForeScout Sonja Hoel, the first woman investing partner at Menlo Ventures who invested in McAfee, Hotmail, Acme Packet and F Networks as well as founding an all womens investment group and a national nonprofit for girlsThese women, juggling work and family, shaped the tech landscape we know today while overcoming unequal pay, actual punches, betrayals and the sexist attitudes prevalent in Silicon Valley Despite the setbacks, they would rise again to rewrite the rules for an industry they love

6 thoughts on “Alpha Girls: The Women Upstarts Who Took on Silicon Valley's Male Culture and Made the Deals of a Lifetime

  1. Tarun Sainani Tarun Sainani says:

    A gem which depicts 4 fascinating parallel stories of pioneering women, who made silicon valley their home I enjoyed reading it all along Thought provoking and an emotional roller coaster I couldn t keep the book down after I started reading All 4 characters are a great inspiration for anyone who is the outsider The stories have insightful lessons on startup journeys and the industry which will benefit all founders female or male.

  2. Ramya Ramya says:

    Very inspiring A must read for all the women especially in tech.The book walks through most of the problems which women in technology face in a Male dominated environment and how these 4 women dealt with these issues in their own ways and had highly successful careers.

  3. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Interesting story good book for business teachers

  4. jaskaran jaskaran says:

    I found it hard to read, the way it is divided makes it very confusing to keep track of all 4 alpha girls

  5. KL KL says:

    5 stars

  6. MarinBetty MarinBetty says:

    This book follows the lives of four women highlighting their childhood to current times as they navigate the male dominated venture capital world of Silicon Valley It is a fast, good read I am left thankful that these four women agreed to share their lives and their struggles I don t think men with similar stories would have made for a compelling read Because at the end of the day on a simplistic level, these four women are just good business people doing deals that resulted in lots of returns for their investors And in the world of vcs, many can claim this title The difference here, is they faced challenges they didn t realize going into their profession simply because of their gender Ultimately, they had to forge new ground and challenge the norms just to do their jobs As I finished the book, I was saddened that this story is still being told Women have made strides, but those strides have come with a great cost Change moves so slowly Stories like these encourage those who need to know they are not alone and they also show the fortitude needed to compete in male dominated entities.