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How to Deal with Debt Collectors and Win Every Time How To Beat Them at Their Own GameDebt is something most of us dread Worse than that is being put in a situation where debt collectors start bombarding you with long threatening and intimidating calls, emails and mails It is humiliating, disheartening, frustrating and frightening to hear how your salary will be garnished, how your assets might be sold off and how your friends, neighbors, landlord, prospective creditors, employers, colleagues at work and other people will be told about your inability to pay your debtsSometimes we are in a desperate situation where we are unable to pay and at other times, we just have forgotten about a particular debt so when a debt collection agency initiates contact, we go into panic mode because in many instances, we know we should payHowever, this does not give debt collectors the right to do anything they wish just to make you pay The law is on your side and you can use that to your advantage For instance, there is a way that debt collection agencies are supposed to go about contacting you, as per the law Thats not all, understanding your rights in the whole process ensures you can spot the debt collectors violation of your rights and put them to task on the same And even if you have to go to court, you can still beat the debt collection agents at their game but only if you know your rights and the law regarding debt collection Ultimately, with a deep understanding of the law, you are able to keep debt collectors aggression in check, all to your advantageWould you want to be that person who is not afraid of debt collectors with all their rage and fury Do you want to beat them at their own game of debt collection by using the law to your advantage to tame them Well, if thats what you are looking for, this book is the ultimate guide on how to take charge of the whole process so that you dont end up making silly mistakes that could cost youIn this book, you will learn How debt collection agencies work so that you can understand why they have to contact you and why businesses use debt collectorsWhat debt collection agencies are allowed by the law to do and what they cannot doHow to report any unfair and illegal debt collection practices by debt collection agentsWhat you should do whenever any debt collector contacts youHow to respond to debt collection agents on the phoneWhen and why you should record your conversations with debt collectorsA sample phone call transcript that you can use when talking with debt collectorsHow to respond to letters or mailsWhen to ask forinformation from debt collectors and how to ask for this informationHow to file a cease and desist order along with a sample letterWhat to do when a debt collector contacts youWhat you should never do whenever a debt collector contacts youWhen to use a lawyer and how to direct debt collectors to your lawyerHow to investigate debtHow to negotiate with debt collectorsAnd if the matter goes to court, how to beat debt collectors in courtAnd much, muchIt is your time to act now by reading this book to stand up against the bully debt collectors and beat them at their game Read this book today it might be all you need to put an end to the harassment and humiliation

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