The Essential Business Guide to GDPR: A business owner’s perspective to understanding & implementing GDPR epub –

This is a comprehensive book on gdpr, it has been wonderful to be able to refer it time after time I would thoroughly recommend it The author has he extremely helpful The Essential Business Guide to GDPR A business owners perspective to understanding the need for GDPR, with shared knowledge of what you will have to completed.On May 25th, 2018 the way we process data will change and enhancements are coming.After spending many months trying to define the GDPR project response for MyCRM, it became apparent that a single resource that could help our team plan and implement using a defined set of templates was somewhat lacking.This book is for all business owners and DPO s, and gives an overview of all the steps involved when implementing you response and journey to compliance with GDPR.This book also comes with a number of templates available from an online website dedicated to MyCRM publications and updates, papers and further general information will be provided as GDPR become law in May 2018.Your GDPR project should not be seen as something to fear, and this book details an approach from awareness to making sure you have relevant documentation in place as part of your implementation MyCRM as an organisation see the new GDPR regulation as a positive step forward and should be seen as something that will benefit individuals and your business alike.