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How to Trade Forex and Currency Markets A Beginners Guide to Professional Forex Trading is a practical and easy to follow workbook for people interested in forex foreign exchange trading Geared for newcomers to currency trading, the book takes its readers through the fundamentals of the market and provides easily understood explanations of basic principles and terminologyOne particularly interesting feature that distinguishes Zack Zarrs book from other publications on forex trading is that it provides its readers with a novel way of gaining insight into market developments As Zarr points out early in the book, forex trading is the playground of two basic types of traders individuals like Zarr and presumably his readers , and what he terms the big players Its a dramatically uneven playing field, pitting relatively inexperienced amateurs trading alone with their own limited funds against corporate professionals trading with the advice and copious budgets of their employers The ability of these solitary traders to influence the directions of markets is negligible, while the big players have the money and the volume to place their collective hands on the steering wheelSo, Zarr concluded early in his ten year trading career, if you cant beat them, join them not by applying for a job with your corporate competitors, but by getting inside their heads and figuring out how they think That way, you can not only understand their moves, you can also anticipate themUnlike some of his counterparts, Zac Zarr is no snake oil salesman He offers no wild promises of amazing profits for just following a few simple directions Zarr does, however, establish a warm and empathetic relationship with his readers as he provides straightforward step by step explanations with hundreds of examples based on his own real life forex trading experiencesAlthough How to Trade Forex and Currency Markets A Beginners Guide to Professional Forex Trading was written primarily for beginners, its a book that many veteran traders will also want to read to gain new insights into the workings of currency markets