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Lovely book, great drawings Really happy with this It s so important for books especially educational to have black girls and boys as representation is so important My daughter now has a book with with a little girl that looks like her Thank you Teach the ABCs with ease thanks to this delightful childrens book, in which little Bella travels the world, experiencing exotic fruits, new countries and amazing animals, all while learning the alphabet bought this for our 3 year young likes reading it every other day sometimes every day Enjoys the BRIGHT colours Easily connects with the descriptions as ALL very much cultural connecting Flying Fish F, A Africa, wonderful way to easily learnFULLY recommend 100 % thank you I bought this book for my little girl, the book has beautiful illustrations that are culturally diverse to represent the alphabet As a parent it is important for me to help build her self esteem from early by seeing imagery of a little girl that looks similar to her Thank you Great illustrations My daughter and I love it So nice to see so many diverse books available at reasonable prices. The book itself is great, content wise with beautiful illustrations but wish I d bought hardback as quality of cover isn t great Can t see it lasting too long. Bought for my niece Absolutely love this. Lovely way to teach kids My two year old loves this book She repeats each page with us and has already memorized a few pages. What a diverse way for children to learn the alphabet This book provides many fun adventures with Bella for children to follow along with a fun cultural introduction to the alphabet Going through this book with my daughter has been amazing already I get to expose her early on in life to many cultural traditions and experiences while teaching her the alphabet great book, great read, great learning experience