Prime Children's books : Bubble Billy,( Illustrated Book for ages 6-13 . Teaches your kid the value of good deeds) (Beginner readers) (Bedtime ... skills for ... (Social skills for kids collection 2)Author Rinat Korn –

I am 7 years old I like it because It is full of magic and is about a wonderland. Beautiful story that will resonate with my family for quite some time Reading a loud sparked a great conversation with my daughter who related to one of the characters in the story You can tell the author put a lot of work into creating such a beautiful story Bravo There is a lot of illustrations in this book and the children love it.Very interesting story about fantastic creatures.The story is about the magical world where live Bubble Billy and Fairy of Lightand about their interesting adventures Awesome story reccomand for everyone with aged 6 13. Got this book for my nieces Happy to share that they have enjoyed the book as much as I have did the story telling with them Book is filled with fancinating pictures every alternate pages and it really captures the kids attention easily The story is interesting and helps develops the kids imagination and creativity Great effort by the author What we dream here, there comes true It s no mistake, I promise you With those words, author Rinat Korn introduces a fantastic, magical worlda world brought to life by the dreams of children, ruled a queen called the Fairy of Light, and created by the magic wand of the unforgettable Bubble Billy But when trouble strikes the stream thats used to create Bubble Billys bubbles, will it mean the end of this magical world forever In Bubble Billy, children agesthroughwill learn the timeless value of good deeds and the power of imagination Join in Bubble Billys adventure to restore the stream, save the magical world, and bring hope to one very special little boyThis book is free on Kindle Unlimited Very funny story My son loved it Very beautiful images of very high quality made Thank you I got satisfaction.