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Beautifully designed, this lush, oversize volume showcases Pinkney s The Ugly Duckling artistry in grand style There s a king s ransom worth of material here, as Pinkney serves upthanof the ancient Greek slave philosopher s fables Aesop s wisdom spills across the pages as freely as Pinkney s glorious watercolors, alight with the many creatures who people the tales, from fiddling grasshoppers and diligent ants to wily foxes, clever crows, brave mice and grateful lions Each of the vigorous retellings concludes with the kind of succinct moral that centuries of readers have come to expect eg Don t count your chickens before they re hatched You are judged by the company you keep And whether the homilies concern a wolf in sheep s clothing or sour grapes, the timeless virtues resonate as freshly as the day they were minted Pinkney brings his considerable talent to bear on everything from thumbnail animal portraits to sweeping full page vistas of hearth and woodlands, and his detail, delicacy of line and subtle palette create an elegant foil for the simple parables If there s room on the shelf for only one picture book version of Aesop, this could be it All ages Oct CopyrightReed Business Information, IncKindergarten GradeA visually appealing selection offables that mixes the well known The Fox and the Grapes, The Tortoise and the Hare with some that have been nearly forgotten The Mermaid and the Woodcutter In tone and format, this book is reminiscent of early th century Aesop collections for children Like Arthur Rackham and Milo Winter before him, Pinkney accompanies the stories with a blend of full page paintings and smaller illustrations As in those earlier collections, his text uses ele vated language and an extremely formal sentence structure While such loftiness is appropriate for a classic Aesop collection, with this edition it becomes a bit of a stum bling block Unfortunately, Pinkney s intro duction doesn t give a reason for the text choices or supply sources Morals are at tached to each fable and for the most part they are the time honored ones Using a mix of watercolor and colored pencil, Pinkney s illustrations of animal characters are fairly realistic while his depictions of humans lean toward the stylized The artist s masterful use of watercolor is most evident in his pictures of the animals Highlights include the dou ble page spread that accompanies The Lion and the Mouse and the full page illustration for The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse While the narrative style occasion ally gets in the way of sharing aloud and its tone is sometimes at odds with there laxed tone of the art, this handsome title is still one of the best of the current cropDenise Anton Wright, Alliance Library System, Bloomington, IL CopyrightReed Business Information, Inc