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an accessible guide to philosophy for beginners bought for my teenage daughter This book is very readable and reinforced my knowledge of the history of western philosophy Since I constantly need refreshing on philosophical school of thought, I will refer back to this book from time to time This book was well worth the money and I m going to hang onto it. Nice Read. Easy to read layouts It s fun to read and covers a lot of ground, but not as deeply as The Philosophy Book from the same publisher. A very good introduction to a difficult subject I ve been reading philosophy for thirty years and still found it enjoyable. I recommend this book for beginners I also recommend the one star review to add useful information.It s what we learn after we know it all, is what it s about, anyway KillerOceans.Com Who am I What is the meaning of life Is there a God Heads Up Philosophy, part of an exciting new series for young adults, explains and explores all these big ideas and What is philosophy Its the issues and theories that are most intriguing and relevant to curious teen minds questions like what is knowledge, identity, human nature, right and wrong, faith, freedom, and justice Combining lively text with cool, graphic illustrations, this book is designed to provoke, entertain, and stimulate young minds I LIKED THE approach to the big questions But the book needs to splain why they are important Or is that another book Great little book giving a brief overview of various aspects and insight into philosophy Wonderful resource.