kindle The Ambitious Capitalist’s Guide to Investing in GOLD: How to Invest in GOLD without Getting Your Fingers Burned! (Precious Metals Book 1)Author Mike Bradley –

The author of this short series of books entitled Investment in Precious Metals is currently both a coin dealer and researcher with a substantial bank of net worth clients to whom he delivers not only precious metal investment advice but also general investment information Having spent his career in banking, both in investment banking as well as retail banking, he started out with a United Kingdom building society and ended his career with the largest American bank as Senior Vice President in charge of development and training He understands most of the worlds investment regimes as well as products and has lived through several banking downs as well as ups, not forgetting the various financial services and political crises that have taken place over the years, including the latest one inHe was also Head of Broker Division for an American bank during thestockmarket crash and clearly remembers being told by his CEO that he should have seen it coming At the time he happened to be standing next to the banks investment director As an ex financial trainer, he likes to express his ideas in a very non technical way, so that everyone can have access to the over complicated mumbo jumbo that one hears far too often within the financial services industry This book on Gold is the first of the series