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From Ezra Jack KeatsNew Illustrator Honor recipient Evan Turk comes his debut work as author illustrator an original folktale that celebrates the power of stories and storytellingLong, long ago, like a pearl around a grain of sand, the Kingdom of Morocco formed at the edge of the great, dry Sahara It had fountains of cool, refreshing water to quench the thirst of the desert, and storytellers to bring the people together But as the kingdom grew, the people forgot the dangers of the desert, and they forgot about the storytellers, too All but one young boy, who came to the Great Square for a drink and found something that quenched his thirst even better wonderful stories As he listened to the last storyteller recount the Endless Drought, and the Glorious Blue Water Bird, he discovered the power of a tale well told Acclaimed illustrator Evan Turk has created a stunning multidimensional story within a story that will captivate the imagination and inspire a new generation of young storytellers

15 thoughts on “The Storyteller

  1. Margaret McLaughlin Margaret McLaughlin says:

    This beautifully illustrated book is a timeless treasure that speaks to the richness of our stories and how they nourish and fulfill our lives.

  2. Helen Helen says:

    I cannot believe there are only 7 reviews of this amazing book The illustrations are so, so beautiful, as in should win a Caldecott beautiful The entire story is well written and engaging My daughter and I poured over the pictures that are filled with the symbolism used in the story It was moving to see the words pouring from the storytellers mouths like oceans of water This link between the stories, water, and life is woven throughout the book We enjoyed the beauty of Turk s words as well as his illustrations As we turned to the last page my daughter correctly quoted the ending, that is a story for another day.I also highly recommend watching Evan Turk s video on how he created these amazing pictures My daughter wanted to watch it twice She was so taken by Evan Turk s work that she wanted to try painting with a Kelani pen like he did After she went to bed I ordered her a Kelani pen for Christmas Thanks for the inspiration on so many levels Evan Turk

  3. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    I have read this book aloud to 8 classes of 4th and 5th graders, and they all listened well and understood the story and its purpose Younger children could appreciate the book, too, but the message of sharing your story and quenching your soul will stay with these 162 students for a long time.

  4. Meagan Meagan says:

    Don t buy this book for reading on a Kindle My kid, who is a big time book lover, got extremely frustrated with having to zoom in and mess around getting the words to appear in the reading frame This would be a lovely book to have in hardcover, but it simply does not translate well to an e reader.

  5. apennyfor apennyfor says:

    I just received my copy and was immediately spellbound by the story and illustrations Turk is masterful in both illustrating and storytelling It is a richly metaphorical tale, which brings the reader deep into the world of Morocco It made me long for simpler days where the world had pauses and reflective time This book is a gem, and I can t wait to share it with my 4 year old when he wakes up

  6. Katrina Katrina says:

    Beautiful Make sure you watch the video to learn about the interesting techniques he uses in the illustrations The 1,001 nights style story is a tribute to the power of storytelling.

  7. MP MP says:

    This is beautifully written and the drawings are superb The story is inspiring for young and old, I highly recommend this book.

  8. Lynn raszynski Lynn raszynski says:

    My grandson enjoyed the story very much and so did I.

  9. Barbara Renaud Gonzalez Barbara Renaud Gonzalez says:

    Great story, lush I am using it for memoir storyteller workshops.

  10. RT RT says:

    good story

  11. firefly firefly says:

    gorgeous art and a beautiful tale

  12. Rhysa M. Davis Rhysa M. Davis says:

    Wonderful book for everyone, young and old Artwork amazing.

  13. briarrose briarrose says:

    Beautiful story and illustrations.

  14. Rose Smith Rose Smith says:

    A nice book to read before bed for when you want to wind down.

  15. Dearnys Dearnys says:

    The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous The story is really lovely and flows well The book says ages 4 8 but this book would also interest older children in classrooms and they would likely get out of the meaning of the story Some of the words, like brass, djinn, drought, are likely unclear to younger children and would need explanation.