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Nothing, it seems, can harm the valiant Lancelot The most brilliant warrior to join the Knights of the Round Table, he vanquishes beasts and villains at every turn But Lancelot s own pride and conflicts of loyalty threaten to destroy the hero, whose passion and instincts are the source of his greatest strength and gravest danger My 4 year old loves these Talbot books There is energy and great illustration, and great words to improve vocabulary He doesn t like this one as much a the King Arthur Ones. My children love the stories of King Arthur, Camelot, and his Knights Hudson Talbott s writing and the gorgeous illustrations which accompany each story are remarkable His Tales of King Arthur stories have quickly become story time favorites at our home My son has asked to use the illustrations in these stories as a basis to reprint his room, so that it looks like Camelot and Avalon look.If you like King Arthur, and want to see those legends told in a truly remarkable way, you need to get the three Tales of King Arthur books King Arthur and the Round Table, Excalibur, and The Sword in the Stone , as well as the accompanying book, Lancelot. The story of Lancelot has inherent issues when presenting it to children The story of his affair with Guinevere raises difficult questions Hudson Talbott wisely avoids these questions by covering Lancelot s life from his birth till his marraige to Elaine and the birth of their son, Galahad Not surprisingly, how Elaine convinces Lancelot to marry her is not explained Hudson Talbott does a very good job of presenting Lancelot s character to young children Recommended.