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The Bird and the Elephant is a poetic philosophical journey that starts with a chance encounter between and a bird and that s right, you guessed it an elephant Join their journey as they step through the jungle talking their way throughphilosophical subjects My 7 year old absolutely loved this book and I know it s one she will read again and again. I find myself learning along with my little boy It puts everything into perspective Lifes questions answered for young minds in a positive and thought provoking fashion My children love it and so do i Some difficult subjects to tackle and expressed as i could only hope to do This will be staying on the bookshelf for the grandkids of the future Buy now you wont regret it. Such a lovely well written book for adults as well as children Fantastic ticked all the boxes for P4C In a terrible condition As if a tractor drove over it What an amazing read My eight year old and I were left on a huge high after reading such powerful, thoughtful , cleverly written words It was extremely touching and we both gained something special from it definitely a book for all ages I found that it was a wonderful book to further develop and support children in sustained shared thinking. My daughter thought it was the best book she s read Such a beautiful little read about the questions of life answered in an easy language with two characters that couldn t be different It s true fun to read and a smile just remains Thank you Dominic