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Learn to Grasp and apply the fundamentals of investment bankingUnderstand post financial crisis changesScore higher in your investment banking courseThe keys you need to know about investment bankingWant to expand your knowledge or learn what you need to know toace your investment banking course This in depth guide takes acomprehensive approach to the topic of investment banking so youcan discover everything youll need to know to apply yourknowledge in the real worldGet started with investment banking find out whatinvestment bankers do and how they facilitate financing, mergers,and acquisitionsDig in discover the hidden truth in financialstatements, where to find and read the reports youll need,and how to perform industry analysisTake it to the next level dig into the details ofdiscounted cash flow analysis, structuring a leveraged buyout, anddetermining return on equityApply investment banking understand the past ofinvestment banking and new regulations that define the rules of thegameFill your tool box discover the best online resourcesfor investment bankers, ways to improve your analysis, and otherimportant tools and tipsOpen the book and find What investment banking is and how it worksThe role of investment bankers in mergers and acquisitionsHow to use important corporate filing documentsThe uses of financial statementsDetails on performing discounted cash flow analysisA thorough overview of fixed incomeHow to determine a companys return on equityCase studies to help reinforce your readingMatt Krantz is the stock market and IPO reporter for USA TODAY, covering financial markets and Wall StreetRobert R Johnson, PhD, CFA, CAIA, is a Professor of Financeat Creighton University, where he teaches in the Master of SecurityAnalysis and Portfolio Management Program