download Best The Forex ''Set & Forget'' Profit System: It is VERY DIFFICULT TO LOSE with this extremely reliable trading systemAuthor Mark Boardman –

Attention Please I am running a FREE Forex Trading Room on Monday th Juneatpm UK time which isO clock midday New York time In this room I will show you how to trade the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen, known as the USD JPY Forex pairYou DO NOT need to attend the room to get a YouTube video recording of it The recording will be sent to all that register Go to forextradermark dot com to registerPlease note that % of authors and teachers in the trading industry make their living from their books and their courses They cannot actually trade themselves This is a sad but true factPlease also note that no book or course will make you a successful trader To be make money consistently, in any market, you need to understand the dynamics of that market In the Forex market, that means understanding what is making the currencies move the way they do at any given timeFor example, during the current Coronavirus pandemic the Euro is, to some, surprisingly strong compared to the British pound However, by understanding what the ECB is doing and how liquidity affects the market, it is not so surprising That is an example of understanding fundamentals However, I would argue that understanding the current market sentiment isimportant So if we look at the current US dollar appreciation, which is also joined with the selling of Gold, we can ask the question, why is one safe haven being bought and the other being sold The answer to that question will guide you to the conclusion that emotion is dominating the global market right now Gold will rise again, and soon, but for now it is all about a rush to cashMy point here is that no book or course can teach you this Nothing that references the past is of use to a trader You cannot back test sentiment To be successful you need to understand what is happening right now, and most importantly, why it is happeningI am one of the only teachers in the world that teach live in the markets You wont find many others I put my neck on the block every week by making live calls on trades I do this based on knowledge I take time to understand what is happening in the world and what is moving the markets I am not a technical traderNow let me talk about this book I wrote ityears ago It will not make you successful It will not make you profitable No book can do that This book will not teach you about what is happening in the market now and how to interpret that information However, what it will do is remove the emotion out of trading Forex It is about a very simple mathematical formula that ensures that you do not lose money It is not a guarantee that you will not lose money, but it is hard to lose money using the system I describe in itMost people trade with emotion, and consequently end up managing trades in a way that ensures that they will lose over the long term So, the first task is to stop this Even before you learn to understand the market dynamics and what is moving the markets, you need a stop loss and take profit formula that means that you can sleep at night You need to completely remove emotion from tradingThis book is about that It is about using a very simple stop loss and take profit formula that takes away emotion and leaves you to spend your time understanding the markets, instead of staring at charts all dayI have free videos on my website, recorded in March , that explainabout understanding the markets You can watch them at forextradermark dot com Or just google my name and add the word Forex and you will find the site that wayIn the meantime, ignore the negative reviews They are written by people in the industry that dont like the fact that I expose most teachers as non tradersGood luck trading and thanks for reading this introduction

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