Free eBook Sun Horse, Moon Horse (Red Fox Older Fiction) Author Rosemary Sutcliff –

Fabulously imagined story behind the awe inspiring white horse I read this after visiting the horse and thought this a wonderful description of what may have happened on that hillside. A haunting and powerful story based on the White Horse of Uffington the Berkshire Downs.Set in the Iron Age, and based on the White Horse of Uffington in the Berkshire Downs, this is the story of Lubrhin Dhu. One of Rosemary s best The book was in very good condition and quickly sent out, very happy with the purchase and the prompt delivery I feel like I got good value for my money. very good 1000 BC this is the story of a small tribe in South Central Britain and the boy Lubrin, born into the chief s family but different Different from the warriors in that he has artistic talent, and that is not an easy thing to have among a horse breeding warrior tribe Through this short book just over 100 pages this is the story of how the tribes lived, in those days how his tribe was attacked and how the Great White Horse came to be cut into the hillside About the value of friendship, tradition, and sacrifice and beauty. Loved this book when I was a bairn I m really glad that Rosemary Sutcliffe books are being released on kindle I can re read them all And there s some I ve never seen before. Good service Enjoyed the book.