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Wonderful, funny book, my daughter laughed out loud when reading it It s great that it is part of a series as well. So this is it, the last one in the series and the toughest challenge yet Morgana is determined to get rid of Arthur once and for all so Max, Olivia, Merlin and friends must try to find a way to stop her, forever.With no idea what the Swordspell involves it s hard to make a plan, but once again they fall into mischief and end up in the middle of the plot.This book wraps the series up nicely, I didn t think it was quite as exciting as the one before it Icespell but I still thoroughly enjoyed it There were some interesting twists and turns and it was great to see Snotty get what s coming to him These really are excellent, fun little books that I m sure kids will love and it s a great way to introduce them to the world and time of King Arthur.I m actually a bit sorry to see the series end. It is the final tale in this enjoyable series and once Max needs to protect King Arthur from Morgana Le Fay but he doesn t have Merlin s help He sets of on a quest with his friends to use his wits, magic, and skills to save the King and destroy Morgana once and for all This was the perfect ending to this series It was still full of adventure and action, it has adults helping the children, and it finally has an ending that wraps everything up which was fantastic Of course, you can imagine that this is not really the end of Max s misfortunes and you can tell he will likely be on many adventures in his life but that is simply the magic of this ending All is okay for now but it leaves you feeling the love for all the characters you ve just read about. Love this I wasn t sure at first how my seven year old would take to it, as it s a the fourth book in a series which he doesn t know, and b he s never really heard of King Arthur before Well, he has now, and wants.What s amazing is that this story puts Arthurian legend through the wringer, yet the classic tale somehow holds its shape Yes, it s a wildly re imagined version, with a boy wizard, his girl power younger sister, and not one but three comical animal sidekicks fierce rat, valiant duck and stupid dragon , but this is still recognisably Camelot The familiar names Gawain, Merlin, Mordred stride across the page, even if the faces may not be quite as you remember them Nor do the characters themselves seem quite to know the story they re in What was the name Lancelot, did you say This unfamiliarity gives a whole new freshness to the classic setting Arthur, for instance, never once suspects that his beloved sister Morgana Le Faye is out to get him.But the story itself belongs to Max, a gifted young wizard who is Merlin s apprentice And magic here is both fun and fascinating You really get a sense of what it s like to cast and undo spells, and all without being bogged down in gobbledegook This magic is elegantly simple and totally convincing For boys especially, Max is a terrific role model of brains over brawn, just as his hard as nails sister Olivia a knight in training is a great antidote to the pink princess brigade.The action gallops along, managing to cram in magic lessons, tournaments, a noble quest to save the realm, and a sizzling final showdown with the forces of darkness The baddies range from the spiteful to the slimy to the pure evil, but there s nothing too scary or upsetting You re never in any doubt that Morgana is BAAAAAD, and her pale witchy presence gives off shivers on the page yet you always know that Max with the help of Merlin, Olivia, Lancelot and the beasts will save the day.Oh, and it s funny too My daughter is 8 and a new reader in English bilingual , my son is 11 and an avid reader especially in English He is actually beyond a book like this Nevertheless, both children liked the adventure and accessible English of this entire series This last one was their favorite, though Cauldronspell was a close second We like to read this outloud to eachother and though I read the most, even my 8 year old has fun taking on the parts of Olivia and Adolphus and it keeps her reading along not just listening My son is familiar with the King Arthur legends and therefore enjoyed references that my daughter doesn t understand yet.It s exciting with magic, humour and character development, however never too scarey and therefore perfect before bedtime.It would be less expensive to have all four books in one, something I would prefer, though I think the size and pictures keep young readers motivated. Max and Olivia have discovered that Morgana Le Fay is plotting to use a mysterious swordspell against King Arthur They dont know what the spell is or how to stop it, and Olivia also has her training for the Squires Challenge to worry about But things are made even worse when Merlin is called away unexpectedly, leaving Max and Olivia without his magical protection With the help of Sir Lancelot, Sir Bertram, Adolphus the dragon, Ferocious the rat and Vortigern the duck, the Pendragon children must quickly uncover Morganas evil plan before it is too late for Arthur and Camelot Join Max and Olivia for magical fun in their fourth hilarious adventure