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In TheHabits of Happy Kids, Sean Covey uses beautifully illustrated stories to bring his familys successful philosophy to the youngest childFor the Seven Oaks friends, there is always something to do Whether theyre singing along with Pokey Porcupines harmonica or playing soccer with Jumper Rabbit, everyone is having fun and learning all sorts of things These seven stories show how practicing theHabits makes this possible for the whole Seven Oaks Community From learning how to take charge of their own lives to discovering how balance is best, the Seven Oaks friends have tons of adventures and find out how each and every kid can be a happy kid

11 thoughts on “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

  1. Isabel Isabel says:

    Bought it for my kids after reading the 7 habits They love it Little one 3.5 loves the pictures and is learning lots of new words, big sis 6 understands the concepts but does not find them too obvious or the book too scholastic which is great Also it s great being able to share what I read with the kids and give them an insight of what I m thinking about The book arrived yesterday and we have read it 3 times already.

  2. MR D. MR D. says:

    Purchased this for my girls It is a really great book well written with engaging characters I really like the lessons and tips after each chapter Its practical and just what is required for youngsters and adults The girls want to read a story every night before going to bed which is ideal time if you want the morals to stick into the sub conscious.

  3. Sunflower888 Sunflower888 says:

    I m an adult who liked the look of this simple book, for myself but for use with my niece nephew It s a beautiful designed and illustrated book, very easy to read and engaging yet gets the 7 habits messages over.Really recommend this.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    This is a great book to purchase, if you want to encourage citizenship and good behaviour at home or in the nursery I collected a set of soft toys to match each character in the book and the children love them They try so hard to please the characters and there have been noticable changes in attitudes and dispositions of the children All the families are getting involved too

  5. A. S. W. A. S. W. says:

    My daughter is loving this book, she loves reading it with me and answering the questions at the end of each chapter It s got fun characters and fun stories and positive lessons and messages.

  6. Benedict Idahor Benedict Idahor says:

    What a classic of a book,this is the kiddies version of the 7 habit of highly effective people a little bit of the highly effective family,my two soldiers love it they have started to practice some of the habits,Thanks for take out time to put this in a book..B.Idahor.

  7. Monica L. Monica L. says:

    It s just not that great.The habits are lame, characters in the stories flat, and just not a great kids book.

  8. Customer Customer says:

    I enjoyed this book as much as my children did It s brilliant and very engaging At the end of each story you learn a lesson Not only has it changed my childrens mindset but mine too Great to read over again My children have read it 4 times now.

  9. Homeschool mama Homeschool mama says:

    Very happy with this purchase Great illustrations and the habits are explained in a way that keeps a child s interest My three year old was happy to read the entire book the first time we opened it I also appreciate the guided discussions and questions after each story as we will be using it in our homeschool.

  10. Sylvie D'Aoust - D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust - D'Aoust Training Systems says:

    I m just getting into this book with my 8 9 yr old boy and girl.The story line is already engaging, fun and we ve already pulled out some pointers about being BORED LOLI have the TEEN and ADULT version.And this will be great for the kids.thanksit takes a very long time to receive

  11. Joie de vivre Joie de vivre says:

    I am so glad I bought it The ideas that these simple,child friendly stories convey,if understood and inculcated can be life transforming Definitely promises a positive attitude to life My seven year old, finished reading it in less than two days,but I keep reading it a chapter at a time again to him..Easy read , vibrant pictures, paper quality is good and a great book for kids.