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Faced with a big decision, Shrek turns to his friends Donkey Puss for some help After deciding not to take over the crown from Pricess Fiona s father, Shrek must embark on a journey to find a new king But the task is not an easy one, as the trio runs into trouble with a long list of characters in the forest Will they make it home before this difficult quest takes its toll on them

5 thoughts on “Shrek the Third: The Movie Storybook

  1. Rachael Harding Rachael Harding says:

    Because then you can learn to be nice to people and not always starting something that will end up hurting you

  2. Mehajabeen Farid Mehajabeen Farid says:

    This book has condensed the 92 minute film into a 24 page book excluding picture pages and bonus pages The movie was nominated for an award and I think that this book should get one as well the MERIT B Most Enjoyable Retelling and Important Things Book The book has the retelling in addition to a really famous and fun Party Game Pin the Tale on Donkey , Gift Tags to put on presents for pals and family, Place Settings, to tell people where to sit at the table, and one other surprise useful feature, to help count down to Christmas, which you have to find out by reading this book I would rate this book 9 10 because is great for amusement on dull days.

  3. Sam Sam says:

    I liked that shrek and Fiona had a baby The book shows people are beautiful and the inside and outside People have to believe in themselves.

  4. mamalove22 mamalove22 says:

    I just wish the inside was like the cover It is all drawn art and not very good I wish it were like the cover animated picture which would compare with the movie Overall though, my daughter still likes it

  5. Adam Adam says:

    I liked how you con zoom in and is so funny I watched the movie both fantastic One word wonderful