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The first novel from The Once and Future King , T H White s epic fantasy re telling of the Arthurian legend White elaborated imaginatively on the legend, giving strong personalities to the main characters as well as animals

7 thoughts on “The Sword in the Stone (Classic Fiction)

  1. Anne Dos Santos Anne Dos Santos says:

    Don t usually write reviews, however I would like to warn parents that although this book is for age 9 I feel your child would need to be well over average in terms of reading skill to appreciate this book My 11 year old son and I read the first chapter together and were expecting something about the magical medieval world of Merlin or Arthur The first 21 pages or so deal with two patriarchs passing the port talking about the problems of finding a tutor for their children and consider sending them to Eton Then one of them supervises the haymaking process in his field shouting at the staff collecting the hay The vocabulary was rather technical unless you are familiar with haymaking and not the theme or style I was hoping to get my son interested in reading the rest This may appeal to other 11 year olds whose fathers have a large estate and enjoy drinking port.

  2. skye man skye man says:

    A classic story based off a classic myth This version Merlin is a lot of fun and the supporting cast are really entertaining and Wart s point of view is very well told the portrayal of his young age helpfully assisted by a few illustrations drawn as if by a child Though some of the dialogue and phrases are very much products of their time its not with a surprise appearance from another famous British legend.While not the most accurate portrayal of Arthurian legend it s still a great story I just wish I read it when I was younger.

  3. Ezbongalero Ezbongalero says:

    This novel starts well, with a feast of comic ideas that made their way straight into the Disney cartoon But it falters in the middle section, rambling too long on some of the Medieval Mythology It s still an easy, satisfying read though.

  4. Andreas Andreas says:

    After starting to read the book the entire chapter one fell out, it happened due to me putting down the book with the pages open while I went to get something to drink, first time I have seen such bad quality in a book

  5. Sir Brixalot Sir Brixalot says:

    Loved it thirty and years ago and am now reading it to my children as a bedtime story A classic

  6. lipsiupolis.de Customer lipsiupolis.de Customer says:

    Very disappointed in the state of the book.The back cover has been cut and I had so sellotape parts together The last two pages are also torn at the bottom.

  7. Sandra Sandra says:

    My favourite book ever Clever, funny, touching Love it If I could write like this, I would be ecstatic.