True Ghost Stories for Kids: Fifty Spine-Tingling Ghostly Tales Prime –

Was very americanised and not suitable for young children who i was trying yo target Great stories Scary and appropriate for all ages My kids loved it Great book interesting ghost stories not to scary my son loves them. Perfect for my grandson Very engaging. Very cool book Story time is a lot of fun Everyone loves ghost stories but this book of true ghost stories is only for kids Whether you re huddled under the covers with a flashlight, camping out with your family or having a sleep over with your friends you ll get a shiver out of these spooky stories True Ghost Stories for Kids, Fifty Spine Tingling Ghostly Tales, is sure to give you goosebumps These creepy tales include one about a haunted toy store, a stuffed animal that talks and says things it shouldn t say There are stories about phantom ships, planes and buses and even one about angry birds not the game these are the vicious ghosts of prehistoric birds Best selling ghost story author Barbara Smith is especially pleased to present her latest collection This one s for her very favourite readers kids, just like you Enjoy the fun Great for our grandaughter Great book. Exactly what my son wanted