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Good old Isaac Watts is known to the present generation chiefly as the inventor of English evangelical hymnody His Psalms and Hymns revolutionized an important department of Christian worship His Divine and Moral Songs for Children have not totally fallen into disuse But his Improvement of the Mind, which years ago was carefully put into the hands of every young man who aspired to a liberal education, is now scarcely known by name Yet the book had obtained this weighty endorsement by the great Dr Samuel Johnson Whoever has the care of instructing others, may be charged with deficiency in his duty if this book is not recommended In this 1885 edition, Dr Fellows has relieved the work of this extraneous matter, and has increased its practical value by an excellent analysis as well as various typographical devices which bring into prominence theimportant parts Dr Fellows in his preface says that the original work was first published in 1727, but Allibone does not trace it back further than 1741, though Watts s Logic or The Right Use of Reason in the Enquiry After Truth, to which this work was originally a supplement, was published in 1725 As recast and modernized in the present edition, the work is well fitted for use by new generations of American youth.

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  1. davide michieletto davide michieletto says:

    The format is a bit strange Most likely because it is a scanned book, I would prefer it in a portable size to be honest Many mistakes which the editor say would cost too much to fix In exchange they offer for free the scanned pdf copy of the book.I would, once again, prefer that they slowly fix these evident mistakes a simple automatic spell checker would probably do and publish a fixed edition.

  2. Joseph G. Wick Joseph G. Wick says:

    In spite of the antique language this is a terrific book I bought it upon hearing that Michael Faraday as a lad was greatly influenced by it Faraday seems to have followed Watt s advice closely and became the seminal discoverer of basic electromagnetic phenomena Reading it myself, I could not avoid the fact that this book s advice to the modern student, or anyone wanting to learn efficiently, is golden Someone will update the language and have a very successful new book Meanwhile, Isaac Watts will do the trick Looking at his importance during his time strongly suggests he took his own advice.

  3. Alex Alex says:

    The table of contents alone are enough to make your head hurt But if you get through that there are some valuable lessons laid out in the book to make it worth a read if you have the time It is written in a very old style obviously and makes you think outside the box I would recommend it not as a full read through book but as something to reference chapter by chapter depending on what your needs desires are for self enhancement.

  4. Winston Salcedo Winston Salcedo says:

    Very hard to read, this is a bad fotocopy of the original I would say.

  5. Jose F. Obregon-Plaza Jose F. Obregon-Plaza says:

    A practical guide for better behave.

  6. Ujku Plak Ujku Plak says: