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Dolly May is an inquisitive and bright little girlShe lives at the top of Mount Olive in the beautiful Island of Jamaica with her Grandma MajjiDolly and her friends love to play in Grandma Majjis mystical gardenGrandma Majji has the best games and, with her help, she encourages them to dream big and achieve all that they desire Through teaching them about the achievements of positive role models of the past, she shows them that they too can become anything they want to be from becoming a deep sea diver to an astronaut Theres no limit to their imagination

9 thoughts on “Dolly May and the Magical Enchanted Garden

  1. Sadie Sadie says:

    This book is not just for children, all ages will find the story informative and fun, with outstanding illustrations In each chapter the story cleverly uses Dolly s adventures to introduce real gifted people of colour, many of whom children may not have heard of before A beautiful book and highly recommended

  2. shanice shanice says:

    This book is truly amazing and so necessary in a society where It is difficult to find books that represent black characters in a positive light I also love the fact that it is a story that s appropriate for the whole family


    Liked the whole content of the book very informative.

  4. The purpose of life The purpose of life says:

    Read this with my four year old son He was so excited when it arrived.Enjoyed the whole story Spent a lot of time talking to my son about the colourful pictures.

  5. Thai Thai says:

    My daughter who is 8 loves this book.It s a really charismatic and colourful read It also incorporates some complex words which leads to questions and the broadening if knowledge and mind for my child.

  6. Andrea Andrea says:

    This wonderful book has such a positive message for childrendream big The colourful illustrations also act as a stimulus for a range of follow up activities Perfect bedtime story which can be told chapter by chapter Also a great book for school libraries.

  7. Layla Layla says:

    My children and myself thoroughly enjoyed this book Very inspirational and the pictures are very bold and beautiful They where very engaged

  8. marc jackson marc jackson says:

    This was a fantastic book for my 8 year old daughter to read, she was able to understand about role models and different cultures and how simple things can mean so much, I would definitely recommend this book.

  9. Denise C. Denise C. says:

    This book is beautifully written Even myself as an adult was magically captivated My kids and nieces absolutely loved it Not only is the book very entertaining but also educational Which is a plus for me I am ordering additional copies for my kids Teacher as she too loves this book for her kids.