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Replaces ISBNCreative Writing Examples presentsplus students with a variety of high quality, creative writing pieces, written by their peers in preparation for their exam This book is designed to address the key elements of theplus creative writing exam, using real creative pieces as examples It containsquestions and extracts reflective of independent and grammar school exams, varying from fictional pieces that are full of colourful descriptions and interesting characters, to non fictional letters and essays These examples are a brilliant tool for your child to use in preparation for the exam In the creative writing exam, your child could be given a range fiction or non fiction briefs, a visual stimulus, a piece of text from which they have to continue the story, or an essay title This book is divided into distinct sections, with a number of example pieces in each Examining these extracts and completing the accompanying activities will give your child a better understanding of what is required of them in the exam Alongside these activities, each story is partnered with a checklist and space for your child to write feedback The checklist provides a list of what a good piece of creative writing should include, or what examiners are commonly looking for and rewarding, while the feedback creates your child s own list of what works well and what could be improved Each section ends with an exam question for your child to put into practice what they have learnt, as well as teacher s comments to provide an insight into a marker s mind

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  1. S. Sharma S. Sharma says:

    If the intention is to teach your child about creative writing and you have a lot of time say months , maybe there could be better or comprehensive books available in the market that can be covered in detail over a period of time However, if you need to give your child a quick dose of writing techniques, checklist of things to take care of, things to avoid, what would fetch marks etc, then this is the book for you just don t look any further It has examples for all the main types of creative writing types essays, letters, reviews etc The examples are written by students and teachers feedback is provided My child passed stage 2 of Surrey grammar schools with 8 days of writing tasks with this book we didn t prepare him for Surrey Stage 2 earlier as our top priority schools are elsewhere, and Surrey test was kept as a backup If your child is generally good at English grammar, punctuation and spellings then just a couple of weeks spent with this book will take their creative writing levels significantly higher.

  2. P.D. P.D. says:

    This is basically a collection of essays discursive writing by pupils These examples are supposed to be exemplars, I found the quality of the work questionable with no visible benchmark for standards There is no clear guidance for different writing forms.As a KS2 teacher with thirty five years experience who has been a literacy coordinator and a leading literacy teacher I cannot recommend Dull, uninspiring content and very basic format.

  3. jackie cho jackie cho says:

    excellent for 11 creative writing It helps a lot

  4. JKK JKK says:

    The examples of childrens own work is particularly insightful.

  5. Tarun Tarun says:

    I received book with ripped cover No option available to exchange By looking at cover, it seems used one.Book content is really good, must say 5 star I can t return it, as not available to re order But would love to get an exchange.

  6. Robs Robs says:

    Good for some practice for my kid

  7. femi bankole femi bankole says:

    Find it good but am still reading it.

  8. Chetan Mehta Chetan Mehta says:

    This gives the child ideas and confidence to write stories.