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Publication date AprilPlain English guide with dozens of examples and tax planning tipsNow in its th edition, Salary versus Dividends is essential reading for ALL company owners and directorsIt tells you everything you need to know about paying yourself the most tax efficient mix of salary and dividendsThe guide also contains fully updated information on the best alternative profit extraction techniques Directors loans how they can be used to defer tax for an extra two years and sometimes to avoid tax altogether Pension contributions Why company pension contributions are better than dividends Plus achapter on putting business property into a pension Rental income Why rent is now better than dividends in many cases Interest income How company owners can pay themselves up to , tax free Company cars and motoring costs a Plain English guide to the tax rules Charity Who should donate you or the company Capital Gains How to pay % tax when you sell or wind up your company How to pay % tax when you sell your company to an employee ownership trust These alternative techniques have become a lot attractive following the recent increase in dividend tax rates Theres also information on splitting income with your spouse and children and other tax saving strategies

8 thoughts on “Salary versus Dividends & Other Tax Efficient Profit Extraction Strategies 2019/20

  1. Ana Ana says:

    It has interesting points and is clear.

  2. katedi katedi says:

    Tax cafe books are always useful, and this one is no exception I was provided with a review copy, but have bought several of the other books over the last couple of years.Salary vs dividends provides a detailed look at what can be done in this tax year to provide tax efficient advice for small limited companies and to some extent, self employed partnership businesses.I was already aware of a number of the issues of small company tax, but there were some that I was less aware of, such as entrepreneur s relief.The book is a relatively easy read, although it has lots of examples I found that I focussed on the examples that suited our situation and skimmed the others What is useful is that you can highlight some detailed examples and return to them when you need to They are fully worked out with samples of possible salaries, possible dividends, and alternative strategies such as paying into a company pension, instead of paying out too high a dividend, and tipping the person into a higher tax bracket, for the sake of a few poundsWell worth buying and keeping in your library

  3. Nick Lincoln Nick Lincoln says:

    Disclaimer I got a free version of this, in return for writing a review here This has NOT influenced my review If there is a duller book title than this I ve yet to find it However Salary versus Dividends is exactly what the author writes about As well as a host of other related issues pension extraction personal v company or both rental income owning your business premises both outside and inside of a pension wrapper etc.Remarkably, he does this in a clear and succinct manner The book is broken down into manageable chapters Nothing is too onerous, even for the innumerate.I ve been dispensing financial advice for nearly two decades, and have run a limited company since 2008 I am immersed in this world, and still found nuggets I d either forgotten or God help me never come across.In theory, this could be a dry abstract exercise in endless What If scenarios In reality, this is a readable and useable book for ANYONE who owns or is thinking about owning a limited company.Highly recommend.

  4. Max Aitken Max Aitken says:

    I have bought various editions of this book as well as others from the same publisher.They are easy to read for the non tax specialist and enable me as a business owner to drive my accountants and advisors towards the right strategies.They are highly recommended and you re unlikely to find a ROI like this anywhere else in your business

  5. Tristan C. Tristan C. says:

    Disclaimer I got a free version of this, in return for writing a review here This has NOT influenced my review The TaxCafe series of books are always well written and thorough, and this is no exception It covered everything I needed to know about this subject, and a lot of things I didn t know, but should have known, in plenty of detail, whilst remaining easy to read and understandwhich is no mean feat given the subject is hardly exciting.I would recommend this to all Ltd company directors owners, and their accountants It s very unlikely you won t find something in here that saves you tax than the cost of the book.

  6. Office Office says:

    This is a very comprehensive guide giving a clear and broad overview of all aspects to consider when looking at salary v dividends for company directors The reader is coming from a payroll background rather than as an accountant and found the text well written, in clear English and sufficiently technical without being jargon heavy.All relevant points of tax and case law are covered with clear examples and explanations A useful guide and reference book to have.

  7. G Phillips G Phillips says:

    I ve purchased several Tax Cafe books over the years and have always found they ve greatly enhanced my understanding of complex subjects The clear layout, simple language use of easy to follow examples sprinkled throughout the book will leave you keen to read on Not at all stuffy or overly wordy I m sure I ll continue to read their books for many years as there no one else I know who can compete in making difficult subjects enjoyable to read up on.

  8. MR S BANDI MR S BANDI says:

    I find it difficult to grasp accountancy terms and jargon This book made it very easy Now I feel up to date on how salary and dividends work Now I can make well informed decisions on timely withdrawals to make them tax efficient I would recommend this to all business owners.