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Covers new media opportunities and targeted at both self published and traditionally published authors All authors want to sell as many copies of their books as possible They also want to raise their literary profile as high as possible There are new routes to publication and also for sales and marketing than ever before But where does the author start in such a competitive market This book sets out clearly the promotional tools available and advises which paths are likely to sell the highest number of copies and which will help to establish the writer s name as a published author It takes careful planning and know how, but there is nobody better to promote a book than its author The opportunities are out there and this guide will provide the information required This is a useful, straight forward guide to publishing and promoting your own book From website design to social networking, it tells you how to ensure that your book reaches its intended market Highly recommended for anyone who has self published. How to Sell and Market Your Book is a must have for any published author who is seeking to increase sales It contains so may useful tips and pointers and is a thoroughly worth while investment.