eBook The Regulatory Compliance Matrix: Regulation of Financial Services, Information and Communication Technology, and Generally Related MattersAuthor Guido Reinke – Schematicwiringdiagram.co

This exceptional guidebook is ideal for industry professionals, regulators and scholars in the domain of regulatory governance The Regulatory Compliance Matrix with thanentries brings clarity to a domain which is widely considered to be complex, unstructured, and in constant flux It is a compendious guide to the laws, regulations, standards, and recommendations applicable to compliance programmes What practitioners find in this book will empower them to save money, man hours, and consultancy interventions Inside, the reader will find the following key resources Regulatory Compliance Matrix a synopsis of the principal domains of applicable regulation, setting forth legal norms, ancillary standards and guidelines This Matrix covers the laws and regulations specific to financial services Part I and information and communications technology Part II at the global and European as well at the UK national and sub national level Part III of the Matrix covers generally applicable regulatory domains like corporate governance, consumer protection and employment law, information security, data protection and electronic commerce Regulatory authorities a comprehensive listing with descriptions of authorities who define the regulatory agenda Weblinks are provided for each authority, which enables the reader to access the latest regulatory developments and updates Overview of the conduct of effective compliance programmes a pragmatic approach to the entire process, from scoping and prioritisation, conducting risk assessments, defining control activities and reporting requirements to undertaking effectiveness reviews, documenting findings and making recommendations to assessing compliance maturity and creating action plans Non compliance costs checklist a detailed list of financial, operational, personal, and regulatory risks This will assist readers with risk assessment and prioritisation of compliance domains

3 thoughts on “The Regulatory Compliance Matrix: Regulation of Financial Services, Information and Communication Technology, and Generally Related Matters

  1. Grassious Grassious says:

    A really good guide makes sense of the nightmare of compliance issues You have to read it thoroughly of course as it is MATRIX Films than matrix

  2. Fiffy O. Fiffy O. says:

    My current role is in financial crime, with a focus on AML and sanctions The Regulatory Compliance Matrix covers comprehensively all the relevant regulations, and provides great details on sanction lists and other instruments available to comply with existing financial crime regulations and laws A great reference guide for everybody who works in the regulatory space.

  3. z55z.co Customer z55z.co Customer says:

    A wonderful attempt at demystifying regulatory compliance Much needed compilation of information and communication technology laws, regulations and standards essential for anybody in the financial services regulatory space.