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The best companies are formed around a simple but great idea As this idea develops and is introduced to the world, it needs to be nurtured and protected Do Protect offers clear and accessible legal advice and explanations on all aspects of setting up, running and growing your own business, including Intellectual Property Rights Raising finance Dealing with customers and suppliers E commerce and social media Building a team Selling your businessDo Protect is essential reading for anyone starting their own business Get the legalities right, then focus on the fun stuff Build your business on a strong foundation Includesb w images This is not a comprehensive legal tome for a start up From the start it did not claim to be Instead it proves a clean, crisp and of times cheery overview of the key legal areas that effect start ups As most entrepreneurs are eager to commence, the book does not overload the reader with jargon but instead focuses on the key concepts needed for such areas as employment law, company set up, intellectual properties and other areas relevant for an aspiring business person Overall a worth while additional to a start up tool kit of resources. All basic information in one place, which is handy If you ve been a senior manager in a company you will already know most of this stuff Nice layout and easily digestible. I read this wiith ease and enjoyment Being an artist I was pleasantly surprised that a business book would be so easy to understand and be so useful to my in thinking about my business I think its central message to be protective of our business is especially good.