read online Pdf Tales of Wisdom and Wonder (Book & CD)Author Hugh Lupton –

I find this CD dry, boring, slow, sexist dizzy wife, king telling daughter to get married etc , irritatingly loud then quiet so you either don t hear it or get startled by it being too loud But 6 year old loves it aaargh. We used 3 stories from this book in classthe children loved it so much, I had to read at story time Only problem CD wouldn t play Disappointing. A lovely story book with a great audio accompaniment The illustrations are wonderful, the stories quirky and my children and I enjoy reading listening to these tales equally as much good How can a blind man see than his companion, the hunter What will become of the peddler who decides to follow his dream And how do fishes find themselves swimming in the grass of a forest Nothing is quite as it seems in this book so young readers should prepare themselves to be astonished, intrigued and enchanted as they follow the magical transformations that occur They will meet remarkable animals as well as extraordinary people Now comes with free story CD Great product and service I bought this book for The Pedlar of Swaffham story to learn about with my class The children absolutely loved this story and really engaged with it.Moreover I really liked the cd and so did my class They enjoyed all of the different stories. Great We bought this for my 3.5 old, who is a huge fan of Hugh Lipton s The Story Tree I think this collection is appropriate for slightly older kids maybe closer to 5 in terms of content There are some themes of illness, etc in the stories Nonetheless, my son asks for it from time to time, though it is not as well loved as The Story Tree The illustrations are lovely, and the recording is high quality. These stories are great for kids of all ages who enjoy myths and legends My kids love listening to all the stories The variety and the stories themselves are wonderful, and this book is great for teaching kids myth, legends, and folktales