kindle The UK Tax System: an introductionAuthor Malcolm James –

In recent years we have seen significant developments in the UK tax, including the restructuring of the tax courts and rewriting the tax law so that it is understandable for taxpayers in the st century However, it is still complex This book will provide a guide to the structure of the tax system and its application to various classes of taxpayer, as well as explaining the roles of the government departments who administer it and the full range of taxpayers rights and obligations New for the second edition are chapters on the principles of trading and employment income, national insurance, and VAT The book is for anyone advising on UK tax, from the experienced practitioner to the newly qualified professional coming to tax advice for the first time, as well as being an ideal starting point for any students of the UK tax system

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    This book is an absolute must for any individual, or importantly, major corporation seeking to benefit from an intimate knowledge of UK tax law Although many tax liability reduction strategies are not available to the working man or woman, corporations looking to pay little or no tax will find the information contained in this book indispensible, and the cost is, happily, tax deductible as a legitimate business expense As recommended by large Coffee Houses, Global Search Engines, popular Auction Sites, and of course, internationally renowned on line shopping business, this book may help you to better understand how to cheat host countries out of millions of pounds of much needed income to fund schools, hospitals, and other services that are essential to the mugs who actually pay tax.