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Really great childhood stories Book is in dialect and absolutely love reading these to my daughter and her friends. Anansi Stories Beloved Jamaican Folk Tales Anansi Stories originated in West Africa They were brought to Jamaica and other parts of the New World by Ashanti slaves, and were handed down orally through generations Anansi exists as a spider, a man, or a combination of the two His name is sometimes spelt Anancy, and his stories called Anancy stories Anansi is no goody two shoes hero He is a greedy, lazy, inventive trickster, cunning and smart in the Anansi Stories Trickster Spider from West Africa It is thought that Anansi was originally found in stories from the Ashanti and then the Akan people in Ghana, and from there the stories spread through West Africa This post may contain affiliate links Thank you for your support During the Atlantic slave trade, the stories crossed the ocean with the slaves through oral tradition Especially in the Caribbean, Anansi s cunning ways symbolized a resistance to Anansi Stories From West Africa to the Caribbean Anansi stories also spelled Ananse or Anancy and referred to as Kwaku Ananse were brought to the Caribbean by our WestAfricanancestors during slavery Rooted in the traditions ofAshanti people in Ghana, Anansi stories provided as a means of temporary escape for captured slaves in the Caribbean The Spider Anansi The stories of our childhood One of the things that Caribbean children shared with those in West African is Anansi stories Long ago growing up, Guyanese children eagerly gathered around elders at dusk to listen to Nancy story These stories all tell us of how the West African trickster outsmarted rivals In these stories, you will find Brer Rabbit and Brer Tiger among others competing with Anansi or in some sort ofCaribbean Story Bredda Anancy and Masquita A hilarious short story of how Bredda Anancy was stunned speechless by his friend Masquita Bredda Anancy is a crafty spider whose stories are an integral part of Jamaican culture Caribbean folklore Wikipedia Ananse is the Ashanti word for spider, and the trickster Anancy also known as Ananci, Ananse, Anansi, Ananci Krokoko, and Brer Nancy , with his quick witted intelligence and his knack for surviving the odds, often through trickery, is the most popular of this genre of African Caribbean folk tale characters, although there are other West African influences, in folk story characters, including the hare chief Brother Anansi Tales and StoriesAnansi Stories stories continue to provide a moral foundation for the community Anansi the Spiderman existed from the time when deities, humans and animals were able to converse with each other The book, MYTHOLOGY, The Illustrated Anthology Of World Myth Storytelling, states that Myths are the timeless expression of the imagination a continuous creative process of making sense of the universe AlsoAnansi and the Pot of Beans Animated Stories for After reading Anans and the Pot of Beans, you too will know the answer This classic folktale from Africa, written by Bobby and Sherry Norfolk, tells the story of when Anans goes to help his Caribbean Children s Fiction Caribbean children s This disclaimer ends all Jamaican folk stories The story teller wants none of the bad luck to follow him Posted by Unknown at AM Reactions Email This BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Labels Anansi, Jamaican folktalescomments Anonymous said best story ever October ,at PM Anonymous said I LOVE this story I am a storyteller I purchased this caribbean story book for my grand daughther and would advice all west indian parents that it s well worth purchasing for their young children and grand children.