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Designed as a companion to The Economist Style Guide, the best selling guide to writing style, The Economist Numbers Guide is invaluable for everyone who wants to be competent, and able to communicate effectively, with numbers In addition to general advise on basic numeracy, the guide points out common errors and explains the recognised techniques for solving financial problems, analysing information of any kind and effective decision making Overcharts, graphs, tables and feature boxes highlight key points Also included is an A Z dictionary of terms covering everything from amortisation to zero sum game Whatever your business, The Economist Numbers Guide will prove invaluable

2 thoughts on “Numbers Guide (5th Edition): Essentials of Business Numeracy (Economist)

  1. CB123 CB123 says:

    Brilliant I got this book from the library then ran straight to my computer and bought it Generally clear explanations of complex concepts this book offers the reader a first insight into a range of vital topics from calculating EOQ to understanding decision making Please don t expect in depth examination of topics it is a first swipe through However, this book should be than enough for most people.

  2. Pramod k Sethi Pramod k Sethi says:

    Your resources are all in the Numbers Good reckoner for all those missing links A must have for your business or profession library