Free epub Dictionary of Transactional Analysis (Exc Business And Economy (Whurr))Author Tony Tilney –

Reliable authoritive and comprehensive I don t know why the heading points to business and economy because this is for TA people and anyone interested in TA. For a book that is reasonably expensive, I was initially rather disappointed to receive such a small volume However, this little book is packed full of very useful and detailed descriptions which make it easy for the student to navigate the world of transactional analysis, particularly in the early days of training This book is my most treasured TA book and is worth every penny, despite being such a slim volume I specialise in addiction, weight loss, health wellbeing and my first therapy love is hypnotherapy, closely followed by TA or Transactional Analysis so I decided to pursue the academic route as I continued to enjoy my learning and own personal journey.One of things I discovered about me along the way was how obsessive compulsive I can be so browsing a dictionary wasn t a first for meYou actually really need this book if you are studying Transactional Analysis because of the depth of the subject matter.TA has infiltrated normal language everyone understands the idea of an ego state and yet quite quickly you can descend into very deep theory structure function first order contaminated integrated etc etc so it makes sense to have a reference book.It is also really valuable to use if you are writing up TA for your certificate, diploma or Masters dissertation as you can reference references very quickly.Having a copy of this and access to the Transactional Analysis Journal really helps if you are studying The ITA Institute of Transactional Analysis also has a very good journal called The Transactional Analyst and this is one of the benefits of being a member if you are based in the UK Scotland has recently set up their own TA organisation and they also have their own website full of info and a newsletter magazine.I speak from my own personal experience of studying psychotherapy and TA has three other fields, Educational, Counselling and Organisational and it is probably a good resources if you are studying these as well I may even have to take some of my own advice as my copy has fell apart from flicking through it at the gym when I originally bought it and then took it into the Sauna with me and melted the spine.Anyway, lots of one sentence therapy bits to justify the cover price the setting out of a word suggests that there is a precise meaning that can be conveyed to the reader, but the ultimate source of all meaning is experience including experience of other meaning structures Aint that the truthOr as we learn Aint that one take on a particular truth, in a particular context, by a particular person at a particular time TA does this to you after a while it helps you to be flexible in your approach.Anyway, if you re interested in TA then buy this book When I received this book I felt my ship had come in I thought of all those poor trainees who hadn t had access to this when writing their casestudy.Every little bit of Transactional Analysis one could ever need to understand is described here, in enough detail and easy to follow I need easy to follow so am thrilled that this dictionary does not makle assumptions about the readers knowledge It appears to work from the premis that the reader is a novice.This is than a dictionary, I believe that the term dictionary doesn t do it justice, I would describe at as a reference guide to Transactional Analysis.A definate must for trainees and a great addition for those who want a flavour of what TA is about. This dictionary provides a key to concepts used by transactional analysts which is accessible to those new to the field but also has the depth required for advanced studies