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Sir Gadabout nods off at the Round Table, and wakes up to find himself in the same room as a ghost At first, the ghost of Sir Henry makes Sir Gads clank his armour with fright, but he soon recovers his spirits and sets off of another calamitous quest to clear Sir Henry s name of the ghastly crime of pilchard stealingAnother side splitting adventure, with Sir Gads, his trusty squire Herbert and Merlin s sarcastic ginger cat, Sidney Smith, raising a riot in Camelot

2 thoughts on “Sir Gadabout and the Ghost

  1. Kath from Leeds Kath from Leeds says:

    Bought this for my 6 year old grandson who thinks they are hilarious Very pleased that it encourages him to enjoy books.

  2. Mrs. K. A. Wheatley Mrs. K. A. Wheatley says:

    This is my first Sir Gadabout book, but I will definitely be looking out for .The character of Sir Gadabout, the most hopeless of the Round Table Knights at Camelot is inspired I love Martyn Beardsley s characterisation of the Knights I am so glad he also thinks Sir Lancelot is a pompous idiot I also love the fact that he has made Guinevere something than just an enigmatic and beautiful cypher In the Sir Gadabout books Guinevere is a DIY expert, and in this book she has just finished installing plumbing and guttering into Camelot Good on her.Sir Gadabout is charged with laying the scariest ghost in Camelot to rest, by avenging Sir Henry Hirsute and restoring his honour, proving that he is not a disgraced knight who stole the pilchards from the Camelot kitchens after all As the most hopeless knight, this is a bit of a tall order for Sir Gadabout, but luckily he has his trusty squire Herbert and the loan of Merlin s sarcastic familiar, the ginger tom, Sidney Smith, to help him.Very silly, very funny and perfect for reading to four years and up, and for newly confident child readers I am so glad I discovered these books and will be looking out for for our school library.