[ Pdf ] Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business RevolutionAuthor James Champy – Schematicwiringdiagram.co

Revised and updated for the new economy, this text describes how the radical redesign of a company s processes, organization and culture can achieve a quantum leap in performance In the s, reengineering was implemented in the back office, the factory and the warehouse For the new century it is being applied to the front office and the revenue producing side of the business Business Week dubbed the implementation of e commerce, e engineering The Internet demands new ways of working, and reengineering is the tool that can create them The new wave of reengineering is breaking down the walls that separate corporations from each other Processes do not stop at corporate doorsteps Product development, planning and many other processes are really inter enterprise in nature entailing work by both customer and supplier The Internet facilitates the reengineering of these inter corporate processes by allowing information to be shared across corporate boundaries

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  1. Peter Johnston Peter Johnston says:

    Although old, this is very readable and still relevant in its principles and many methodologies It makes sure that even if you are creating a modern democratic company, you get the systems thinking right.

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    excellent quality and price

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    Nice theory

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