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I use Crystal Reports for my work as a Call Centre manager, to retrieve specific, relevant data mainly so that we can track operator performance and booking levels.Until I used this book I was able to use the standard functions of CR, but I can honestly say that by working through the chapters of this book, and now using the formulas library, I have made significant improvements to the reporting in the business.I ve actually had a pat on the back for being able to deliver data on responses to marketing, and the HR department are loving me The book is helpful especially with formulas Anyone who works with Crystal Reports and who is not a mathematician would love this book. This book is extremely helpful As a VB programmer the mysteries of crystal reports formulae seem almost a black art This book goes a long way to explaining how they work and the book is written in an easier to understand style than the Crystal Reports 2008 Complete Reference. This book focuses on formulas alone The author essentially talks you through building formulas by example after example using the reports that come with Crystal It s a good book The building a calendar report chapter and it s associated appendix were a bit of a waste how many people are ever going to want to do a report like that This book is good for the beginning and intermediate report builder, especially for those with no formal training The price is a bit high, but if you find just one formula explanation that helps you solve a problem with an important report it s worth the money I wish there were a Kindle version and that the author would write another perhaps a series of Crystal formula and report design books I have many technical books and manuals on my Kindle and I d like to carry this on my Kindle as well. Excelent fgdfgh ghggd hfg h fgthj j yh j g feds df s df dsg dxvdf f dagf asd f This book was published at a time when Crystal Reports 2008 was the current version At this point in late 2013, Crystal Reports 2008 is now two versions back so if you buy this book, you will have to keep this mind That really isn t as bad as it sounds because the author spends very little time talking about the Crystal Reports interface he assumes you know your way around already So this is not a book for Crystal Reports beginners.You may also have difficulty getting a copy of the Xtreme database used throughout this book as a data source It is still on the SAP web site, but you really have to dig for it.One big problem with this book is that the author does not show you what the final output for each formula should look like While he gives you the formulas themselves, there are often dependencies that if not fully understood can make the formula not work Then you are left to scratch your head over it While this might have added many pages to the books it would make it usable Or it could have been put on an DVD accompanying the book especially considering the high price of this book.Worse part of this book are the typos and outright mistakes The author references previously written formulas that he spells incorrectly And even worse, he sometimes references non existent formulas and you are expected to use than in a new formula.This author has work to do make this worth the money being charged for the book I do not recommend this book unless you really want to learn about Crystal Reports 2008 formulas and don t mind sifting through a lot of sloppy mistakes that could have been avoided by proof reading. Crystal Reports is one of the most powerful software packages on the market and is used across all business sectors and industries The author writes Throughout my entire career, one of the most common phrases I hear is The software cant do it As a result, Crystal Reports has a poor reputation within the IT community, and is one of the widest implemented, yet most underutilised software packages Ninety nine percent of the time, Crystal Reports can do it, or rather could do it if the report writer knew how to write formulas Yet, no Crystal Reports books available cover formulas in any sort of depthuntil now Formulas are as powerful to Crystal Reports as macros are to MS Excel Unfortunately, while numerous books exist focusing on learning macros for all skill levels, none exist for Crystal Reports formulas This book sets out to redress the balance and provide the first step by step guide for creating formulas, for all versions of Crystal Reports, which is aimed at people with little or no programming knowledge