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The Rough Guide Swahili Phrasebook is the definitive phrasebook to help you make the most of your time in Eastern Africa Whether you want to book a hotel room, ask what time the train leaves or buy a drink from the bar, this new phrasebook has a dictionary of over , words and will help you communicate with the locals in no time The free audio downloads, recorded by native Swahili speakers, can be downloaded to your computer or MP, allowing you to listen to the correct pronunciation of essential dialogues, ideal for practicing before you go or while you re there There s even a regional pronunciation guide and Rough Guide travel tips, so wherever you are you can get around and speak the lingo The Rough Guide Swahili Phrasebook has an extensive two way dictionary packed with vocabulary and a helpful menu and drinks list reader, perfect for choosing the right dish in any restaurant With this phrasebook in your pocket you ll never run out of things to say Make the most of your trip to Eastern Africa with The Rough Guide Swahili Phrasebook

12 thoughts on “Rough Guide Phrasebook: Swahili (Rough Guides Phrasebooks)

  1. bubs bubs says:

    Bought this for my daughter who is off to Kenya volunteering for 10 weeks wirh the charity VSO and thought it may be helpful for her to be able to speak a little Swahili if she needs it..absolutely loves it

  2. chelsea chelsea says:

    This is a great little handy book to have, this will came in handy for my trip to Tanzaina in June

  3. Almendros Almendros says:

    A really compact and useful phrasebook The contents have everything you could possibly need when visiting Kenya I would recommend it.

  4. Lotli Lotli says:

    Did the trick Lots of places people speak English though so I did not use this book as much as I expected.

  5. Martina Koubkova Martina Koubkova says:

    As this is one of the scarce books on Swahili language I would say it is quite comprehensive, in good format and with quick references to be found Good investment.

  6. I H Forster I H Forster says:

    Very good and clear has allowed me to brush my Swahili after a number of years after my time in East Africa

  7. francesca kowalczyk francesca kowalczyk says:

    Good guide but a bit of a disappointment that the Swahili the most important bit is written in coloured text which is not very clear.So unless you have very good eyesight this is not the book for you

  8. Ruth Ruth says:

    I bought this for a colleague who was going out to Tanzania She loved it as it gave her basic words phrases

  9. GE GE says:

    The little book is perfect for travel into places like Tanzania where they speak Swahilli NoteNot all the English has correct translation thoughmy local guides did not know what I was trying to say many times and had to give me the correct words and or phrases maybe there are different terms in different areas that I was in But I think much of it is correct and helpful Good size for travel.

  10. Beverly Williams Beverly Williams says:

    I used it to communicate with Swahili speaking people.

  11. Begum Begum says:

    okay little book

  12. Customer Customer says:

    This is a very good and cheap book for learning some phrases in Swahili before going on safari It covers a lot of useful phrases and explains how to pronounce basic Swahili It is very small and will fit in your pocket.