[[ pdf ]] Jolly Phonics Letter Sound Poster: In Print Letters (American English edition)Author Sue Lloyd – Schematicwiringdiagram.co

Prima zum Wiederholen und visualisieren. My three year old loves it Attractive and useful as it has the capital and lower case letters. Great Have really helped my four year old son engage with learning his letter sounds We have them on his bedroom wall and they are a great talking point so he learns without realising it Sneaky but effective Lovely bright illustrations and good thick paper. Daughter has this on her bedroom door for her to help her with her sounds She uses it when doing her writing to help her with the letter formation and we can quite often hear her sitting in bed reading the letter sounds out Very useful Lovely display lovely visual reminder of the phonics sounds my kids read it at bedtime as a reminder of their sounds. It s beautiful but could have been clear Lots of colourful designs n pictures on the sounds make it but difficult to read n understand. I teach English as a foreign language to pre school and primary children in Spain and I probably use this poster every day in class My primary students refer to it often to help them when reading, so I leave it on the wall permanently It s also great for reviewing the graphemes in the beginning stages of the Jolly Phonics programme. Great for my 5 year old who has just started in Reception Class and is learning the phonics alphabet We have stuck the poster on the wall of his play room so he can refer to it from time to time. A single sheet poster of theletter sounds Arranged in the seven groups, each letter sound has an illustration that prompts the Jolly Phonics action and the sound Also useful for revision in older classes