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Retold and illustrated by Val Biro, this lavish edition contains some of Hans Christian Andersen s best loved stories, including The Wild Swans, The Ugly Duckling, The Little Tin Soldier and The Emperor s New Clothes

13 thoughts on “Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales (Fairy Tale Treasuries)

  1. nataliya nataliya says:

    You need to be attantive This book is nice illustrated Lots lots colorful pictures but very little writing Its not original text Shortened and retold by illustrator Daughter is very dissapointed and unsatisfied This book could be fine for 4 y.o But if your child is 7 it will not fit Now have to look for another bool of author with original FULL tails.

  2. MariaMagdalena MariaMagdalena says:

    This whole series are really well retold and illustrated for young children Not too much text per page combined with solid illustrations that micely support the stories I bought them for my son when he was 3 Now that he is 7 he reads them to my 3 year old daughter.

  3. Anna Anna says:

    Love illustrations, stories have something to teach

  4. Feedback when necessary Feedback when necessary says:

    Retold stories that are suitable for young children Good size print and pleasant illustrations I look forward to when they can enjoy the original stories though.

  5. Christine Christine says:

    Fabulous book Stories are beautifully told with super illustrations I relive my childhood reading these stories and the illustrations make the stories even enchanting.

  6. Sandra Samuelsen Sandra Samuelsen says:

    Bought it as a present and now I want one for my daughter too Drawings are so nice and it s really just a beautiful book overall Get it if you are up for fairytales or in need of a nice birthday present.

  7. E. Gorecka E. Gorecka says:

    Beautiful book beautiful pictures my 4 years old love it

  8. Lisa Martin Lisa Martin says:

    Nicely illustrated and nieces love the stories I use to love which is a bonus

  9. Heavymetallouisa Heavymetallouisa says:

    This book is lovely, and I am certain my son will enjoy listening to these stories and looking at the pictures The print is nice and large too so it will be easy for him to look at the words while being read to.

  10. J. Dear J. Dear says:

    I remember this book from my childhood and I am very pleased with this new version, especially the illustrations.Highly recommended.

  11. Judith J. Bellando Judith J. Bellando says:

    Nicely illustrated fairy tales that make the stories simpler for young ones.

  12. Milla Milla says:

    This is such a cute book

  13. C. Gray C. Gray says:

    This is a great book I wanted just a simple version of the Hans Christian Andersen stories made for children and that is what I got The illustrations are well done and in color The hard cover has colored graphics and the pages are a crisp white Could be set out as a coffee table book for display I would highly recommend it.