The friendly tax handbook for holiday cottage owners: How to understand UK property taxes, qualify for tax allowances and get the most from your holiday cottage, furnished holiday let or AirBnB room. Prime –

If you own or plan to buy a property and are considering running it as a holiday cottage, then you need to consider tax at each stage of buying it, owning it, running it, selling it, or passing it on to your children But how do you ensure you understand the tax issues, before you go to see your chosen accounting and tax professional Will it qualify as a Furnished Holiday Letting Should I own it as an individual or a company Which set up will create the most income and the least tax What if we use it as our own holiday home, change it to a tenancy, or sell it This book has been written jointly by a holiday cottage owner and a tax expert, to provide owners with information and a straightforward way to explain your options It s a practical and easy to read guide to the UK taxes which can affect you as a holiday cottage owner, whether you own one, several, or are just getting started, and whether your homes are in the UK or abroad The friendly tax handbook for holiday cottage owners gives easy to follow interpretations of what HMRC mean, how you can apply it and what to do, STEP BY STEP, to reduce your tax liability This book includes many examples which show you which taxes apply, what is intended by HMRC s notes and what other options you have Uniquely, it includes pub talk tips on which tax advice from your friends you can safely ignore, information on making tax digital and, of course, Brexit