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What if heroes werecelebrated for the power of their hearts instead of their swords Inthis stunning anthology elegantly presented in a green, clothbound hard cover with gold toned metallic debossingfavourite fairytales have been retold for a new generation Meet King Arthur, who rules by listening to others, andPrince Charming, who really wishes people wouldnt typecast him, in this stereotype busting follow up to Power to the Princess Focused on issues including self image, confidence, LGBTQ, friendship,advocacy and disability, these stories are perfect for sharing between parents and children, or for older heroes and heroines to read by themselves Get reacquainted with these caring, considerate and responsible heroes King ArthurTom ThumbSinbadThe Emperor With New ClothesJack and the BeanstalkRumpelstiltskinPinocchioThe Snow ManPrince CharmingKing MidasThe Pied PiperQuasimodoHerculesThe Shoemaker and the Elves AnansiHigh five to the hero

15 thoughts on “High-Five to the Hero: 15 favourite fairytales retold with boy power

  1. L. J. L. J. says:

    High Five to the Hero is a different book that focuses on fairy tales which are revised to make the traditional male characters appear sensitive and emotionally in touch This is akin with today s times and political correctness.I was highly surprised by this book I thought this would be a satire of political correctness and I honestly thought I would find myself making fun of this work than I did liking it I am so glad I was wrong The book is sturdily bound in gold and green, with a picture of two of the main characters King Arthur and Hercules on front Murrow the author has retold 15 classic tales, including The Pied Piper of Hamlin with a much different ending , Tom Thumb, Jack and the Beanstalk, King Midas, etc I found myself enjoying the different elements of the stories that were modern Jack s parents in Jack and the Beanstalk are two Mommies, Tom in Tom Thumb has an interracial family and the stories themselves overall were great There were a few duds, notably Hercules one of the cover stories it is my prejudice that is causing difficulties with me seeing him in this role and King Midas which had a too predictable end Overall, it is a good thing that boys are being paid attention to in terms of storytelling as they have as much to say as their female counterparts.The only reason I gave this book four stars is due to its illustrations While the coloring was nice for them I felt overall they were too simplistic for this type of book I simply did not enjoy the illustrations Overall, a very good effort.

  2. BeatleBangs1964 BeatleBangs1964 says:

    The cover is a masterpiece with embossed gold letters and an inscribed picture The book itself is quite durable as the pages are quite thick and easy to turn The 15 stories are overhauled versions of fairy tales and mythology I especially loved the retelling of Tom Thumb, as an interracial couple adopts Tom.What I really liked is how kindness is the theme of each of these retold tales For example, Hercules does not spend his life looking for accolades because of his noble heritage and congenital strength Instead, he wants to work as a First Responder and later as a nurse in a helping profession That is my favorite version of the Hercules myth.Each one of these stories features a young boy who follows his conscience which always leads him to kindness and humility I like the way these virtues are accentuated and hopefully young readers, girls and boys alike will seek the path to thinking, compassion and kindness.I think this book would be a wonderful addition to any K 4 classroom The 1962 Elvis hit Follow That Dream Wherever it May Lead You could well underscore this book.

  3. Gerbera Gerbera says:

    The cover is absolutely beautiful It s embossed with gold lettering and a cute picture The pages are thick high grade, the book is very well made Each story consists of 6 pages with several illustrations pertaining to the story The stories are loosely based on their adult counterpart myths or fairy tales and are not accurate In each story the main character is a boy who searches his own path and most often finds that kindness and gentle ways will make things happen rather than discord and fighting These stories are geared to teach to listen, be helpful, compassionate and a thinker They are very simple, and the language used is modern which any kid will understand It will make a wonderful gift.

  4. Impossible Honey Impossible Honey says:

    I was simply beguiled by this book, and while I am an adult, I absolutely adore the retelling of these classic stories, all rewritten with a theme of boy empowerment Each story ends with a moral, which really fits into todays world The stories are all told with both beautiful narration and illustrations The book looks beautiful on my coffee table, well made, dark green fabric with gold accents that make the book look really special I am simply thrilled with this book, and plan on getting a few extra copies for my nephews If you are looking for a great gift for a young boy, or even an old boy like me, this would be a much appreciated gift Simply delightful

  5. Jessica Jessica says:

    First of all, this book is beautiful It fits right in with the collectors edition books we have.I love the idea of lesser told stories featuring male leads told in a way that focuses on their virtue and kindness rather than strength and cunning That being said, I took a star off because I found some of the retellings to be a bit on the boring side Love the concept, but the execution could use some work Im an avid reader and like to think I m decently woke but if I found myself spacing out while reading some of these stories, what chance does my young son have at paying attention I m also not a huge fan of the art style of the illustrations.

  6. Derrick Dodson Derrick Dodson says:

    This book could have easily come off as a caricature, but they did a good job of making it remain relevant rather than ridiculous The stories have often been updated to be in line with the contemporary world The heroes in the stories represent a variety of backgrounds, skin colors, sexualities, and goals Again, that could have easily become silliness being spewed from a soapbox, but the author made it seem natural by not calling too much attention to the inclusive details in the stories The illustrations could have been a bit sophisticated, in my opinion, but overall this was a great source for enlightened stories.

  7. says:

    High Five to the Hero 15 favorite fairytales retold with boy power by Vita Murrow Illustrations by Julia Bereciartu is a fun collection of familiar tales with some updated changes to fit the theme of boy power It was funny in that I inititally thought it was fairly bland, but when a younger family member read it while visiting, he enjoyed it What I thought was bland , he found engaging with the changes in the story were just right to him Since he s the target audience, I go with his opinion He found fun and it kept his attention.

  8. a customer a customer says:

    The idea is nice, but the execution is not The stories came out to be quite boring, and they do read as a statement not as a good story where you want to find out what happened next and where you are hurting when the hero gets in trouble The book is the kind that teachers and parents would like because it has teachable moments but not the kids, mostly because the essence of the stories is lost The characters look like cardboard cutouts too good to be true, not like someone one can relate to.

  9. Greendrgon Greendrgon says:

    These are very well rethought stories to help reinforce to young men that you to are just as equal as others The artwork is decent in style and the script size is very well done The book in hardback is beautiful to look at Easy for young readers to hold and use overall, nicely done book.

  10. New Hampshire Teacher Mom New Hampshire Teacher Mom says:

    I agree with this book, fairytales always seem to be for the girls But this book looks at fairytales for the boys, they call it boy power This book is filed with 15 classic stories, and even comes with a nice authors note The hardcover is velvety soft with gold writing The book feels masculine This is a great collection of stories that can be enjoyed by all children Recommend grabbing this book for your children s library.

  11. Miss Campbell Miss Campbell says:

    These stories are nice, my 5 year old son enjoys them The stories are all pretty short, but, I feel like they re missing some details They re almost like very short parables than full stories I was expecting something like Cinderella or Mulan stories, but geared towards strong men All in all though, my child likes this book and there are good messages contained in the stories.

  12. Teddi R Teddi R says:

    This book is gorgeous and well made, so looks very pretty when you give it away You won t want to actually keep it Your stories are overly wordy and tend to have some complicated grammar Hard to read to little kids at bedtime since they flow poorly and have a lots of unfamiliar words Good coffee table book

  13. JwP JwP says:

    I will admit I skimmed through various stories in this book, but mainly because I didn t feel engaged with the material It is a decent idea to reframe fairy tales to celebrate traits like generosity and helping others, but the writing of these stories was generally bland Good idea lacking in execution.

  14. My Two Cents My Two Cents says:

    My boys loved reading this bookMe, I wasn t sure if I d like it and I m still not sure how I feel It s a retelling of stories I grew up hearing so while I can understand the purpose of the way this was rewritten I myself prefer the originals.

  15. Kim L Kim L says:

    This beautifully illustrated book shows that boys can be kind and be heroes I love the retelling of such classic tales like Jack in the Beanstalk and Hercules Best of all, my 5 year old son loves these tales Perfect bedtime storybook.