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Are you frustrated by the challenges of growing your business organically Have you ever wondered if there was a way to grow exponentially Fast There is a better way but you ll need to break a few rules in your thinking about business This book shows you how In Add Then Multiply, author David Horne shares with you the skills, experience and knowledge he has gained in an international business career spanning thanyears Along with many other practical stories, he gives you the inside story of Huveaux plc, where he worked with the Founder to achieve x growth in revenue and x growth in profit in just three years You ll get the facts and details to apply his FACE methodology step by step, enabling you to achieve exponential growth in your business Read this book to understand, and apply, each stage of David s FACE methodology Fund explore your options to raise money Acquire master the steps to take when you buy another business Consolidate know your real challenge putting two businesses together Exit realise your dreams This book was very helpful and provided a lot of advice about how to grow your business It also provided very interesting insights about how the business world really works. A fascinating, informative and well written guide that highlights the depth of business acumen and experience of the writer I recommend this, especially to those at relatively early stages of developing a company Even to those further down the road, there are informative tit bits that may well change the direction of your thinking and your company There are so many opportunities out there that David Horne highlights and explores You may know much, but you do not know all This is a quick and easy read you may be surprised how much you will learn Do not be fooled by the jargon free, easy reading nature of this book Although on the surface the target audience is quite specific there is something for anyone with an interest in the world of business, specifically as a business owner and entrepreneur David shares his vast experience without ego or patronising the reader Provides lots of key take aways even for those like me at the beginning on their entrepreneurial journey always good to begin with the end in mind The book was easy to read and came with little complicated jargon It was helped by the fact it was written by someone who has been through it.Perhaps most importantly it got me thinking about a different way to grow our business, which is exciting and scary in equal measure Definitely worth getting a copy.