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A Quantitative Exploration of Investments So You Can Be a Better Analyst Quantitative analysts and financial engineers often skip taking an investments course Many would be analysts take a less quantitative investments course This omission robs them of the fundamental knowledge needed to create better,profitable models A Quantitative Primer on Investments with R fills that gap by taking a quantitative approach to investments and analyzing real data using R, the open source statistical computing language This illuminates the commonalities among investment theories and builds intuition This text collects the authors two decades of experience in finance from positions at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanleys Equity Trading Lab, and hedge fund Long Term Capital Management to the quantitative background of a PhD in statistics, teaching at some of the worlds top universities, and presenting research at central banks, regulatory agencies, and trading firms The explanations, questions, and exercises have been tested over a decade and enabled many students to enter the world of quantitative finance and succeed.Supplemental materials For instructors and self studying readers, slides and an exercise solutionmanual are available. This book covers a wide range of topics in surprising detail I wish I had this type of book when I was getting into finance It can serve as an overview for novices, or it can serve as a reference for practitioners I highly recommend this book for anyone coming from another field who is interested in learning about finance, or I recommend it to those who work in the industry and would like to expand their knowledge base. I ve worked in quant research for several years, and have read a lot of books that aimed to do what this one does However, this book covers some very unique and diverse ground, but still hits the narrative and pieces needed to drive the fundamentals. I ll definitely keep this one on the shelf to revisit